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A lore-friendly redesign of the interior of the Outcasts' HQ to reflect that an organized and civilized faction reside there. No more dark rooms. No more piles of rubble. Adds in Specialists with their own sandbox packages. Player bed...? Heck yeah.

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-My Fallout 3 Comic on deviantArt-

-The Adventure Continues-


I have been away and neglected this mod...but have tried to work out a few issues it was having.  The mesh for the red Outcast drape has been fixed and the path for the static holodisk was fixed in Nifskope.  I have also repackaged to eliminate the sub-folders, and hopefully that will fix the issue of it not working for some people.  


So you heard that the Outcasts have broken away from Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel and they have their own headquarters...Fort Independence. You arrive, you gain their trust and you are granted access...only to find yet another dark and dreary wasteland dump with rooms full of rubble and skeletons shoved into the corners. Apparently no one in the wasteland has a sense of pride in their faction or cares about keeping clean!

My main focus was to make the HQ look as if it was inhabited by an organized and, ironically, civilized faction. No more walking around in the dark. No more tripping over rumble. No more papers and food cans on the floor. All forms of litter/trash have been removed. All broken light fixtures have been removed or replaced. Every room has been made more functional.

This mod does not contain a killer player home, nor are there super-weapons with a limitless fountain of ammo. It was mostly made for immersive role playing, such as using it alongside FWE's Outcast alt-start, but as long as you are "cool" with the Outcasts, there's a few benefits any player-character can reap.

This is my second public-release mod aimed at improving existing faction buildings in Fallout 3. I have another idea in the works, and hope to finish them soon. If you like this mod, please leave an endorsement and/or a comment. Thank you!


-Increased lighting in every room, mixing both warm and cool light, without making it too bright. You shouldn't have to walk around with a Pipboy light on in your own home, but at the same time, electricity is a luxury in the wasteland and it is used sparingly.

-Specialists, the Outcasts' Scribe-equivalent which were lacking in the Fort, have been added for flavor. You cannot interact with them, but their presence is much needed. Some roam the whole building, some sit forever in a chair, some hang out in the Central Library. Some of them don't like you, like the Head Specialist. All of them have AI packages, I just suck at scripting to make them do anything really useful.

-Toned-up 'Central Library' that looks like a hub of technological-study, adding more terminals, microfiche readers, books and holotapes. Idle animation markers have been placed all around the room to reflect this.

-New barracks, which are located in the rear of the building. This is where you'll find your player bed, which is the only single-bed in the room. You get a rusty metal bed like everyone else and three containers that are player-owned. If you need a Specialist's robe, you can find one on one of the beds.

-Locker room, which is mostly for show, but you can find some power armor here if you need it.

-Workroom (Level 1), which is meant to belong to the player. It contains a crafting bench and containers to sort your crafting clutter. Every container in this area is set to player-faction.

-Meeting room...Like I said, I made this for role players, so use your imagination. It's kind of an awkward room anyway with the stairs there and I didn't want to clutter it up with a bunch of chairs and benches, which are a navmeshing nightmare. The Head Specialist is sometimes found here on his rounds. There are more idle animation markers placed about here.

-Specialist Aberdeen in Level 2...Tinkering in the GECK, I found the AI packages for this NPC, but it was apparently never used and is cut content. So, I gave her a face and the AI packs, and she kind of wanders around, not doing much. I REALLY wanted to make Aberdeen provide medical services, but that's beyond my ability. If anyone is interested in helping me make her more useful as an update, please message me. :)

-The interior has been re-navmeshed everywhere I made major changes. All newly-utilized rooms are NPC-friendly.

All of my changes are to the interior design only. I did not tamper with any of the existing NPCs. Any mods that make changes to the interior design run the chance of causing a conflict with this mod. The biggest changes are on Level 1 since it was more desolate. Level 2 has been mostly left alone save the removal of trash and the addition of lighting. I made NO changes to the exterior of the property, so any mods that beef up outside security should not interfere with this mod at all. This mod works just fine with FWE. I have not confirmed that it works with other Outcast faction mods to date, but they should provided they do not clash with my interior.

I have quickly tested modernmenace's Outcast Faction Mod v 0.3 and there are no conflicts as far as I can see -

If you are using Robco Certified, this would also be a good companion mod: Outcast Robots for Robco Certified by lordyupa -

This mod relies on Broken Steel for some of the AI packages and Anchorage for the Specialists' robes. It does not require FOSE.

You can simply drop the esp file into your data folder along with the included meshes and textures in their appropriate folders and activate it with the launcher, or use FOMM to install it. Use FOMM to deactivate it, or delete the following files from your data folder:


meshes/ clutter\drapes\DrapesFullBlack01BoSO.nif
meshes/ clutter\drapes\DrapesFullRed01BoS.nif

textures/ clutter\drapes\

I will not be updating this mod as it stands unless there's some problem or someone can help me with Aberdeen. Anyone who wants to use my interior for their own mod is more than welcome to! Please endorse and credit me is all I ask. :)

VaiNs Drapes - Modders Resource by VaiN - NDG474 for the Outcasts' drapes which look AMAZING.

Regulator HQ Redesigned -