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This mod fixes the freeform quest \"Finding The Formula\", which provides access to \"Ledoux\'s Hockey Mask\". Now it is possible to complete before, during, or after \"The Nuka-Cola Challenge\" (works on existing characters!).

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Finding The Formula Fix (Version 1.0 - By TheFakeEmpire)


This fixes the extremely annoying freeform quest, "Finding The Formula", which involving discovering the formula for Nuka-Cola Clear in the Nuka-Cola Plant. This quest is important as it provides access to arguable the beset headgear in the game, Ledoux's Hockey Mask. Previously, this quest was impossible to complete after "The Nuka-Cola Challenge" quest was completed. This mod fixes this issue.
If you have already completed the "The Nuka-Cola Challenge", you can now ask Milo, The Foreman for the Safe Key which gives you access to the Formula (only if you have the note from Winger Mercier, like before), and more importantly now Ledoux and his cronies will spawn no matter what, if you are in possession of the Formula.
This works both on new save games and existing save games, meaning that if you thought this quest was lost, you can now complete it!

Well If You Want To Get Technical:

The problem was that this freeform quest was prorgammed through "The Nuka-Cola Challenge". Goalie Ledoux and his mates are disabled by default, and the activator to enable them (which happens when you get the formula) was only activated through the script of "The Nuka-Cola Challenge". This means that if you found the Formula after completing that quest, the script would not be running and Ledoux would not spawn. Also if you found the Formula before "The Nuka Cola Challenge", Ledoux would not spawn until you get the quest.
I fixed this by creating a new quest called "Finding The Formula" (it is still freeform and does not show up in your Quests list, but I gave it a quest entry in the G.E.C.K.), and moving the parts of the script that activated Ledoux to this new quest, which therefore has a very small script that takes up no resources and constantly runs in the background, just waiting to enable Ledoux and his friends when you get the Formula.
Also I moved the part of Milo, The Forman's dialogue that gives you the Safe Key to this new quest, meaning that if you talk to Milo before or after "The NUka-Cola Challenge" (and have checked the body of Winger Mercier for the initial note, like before), he will be able to give you the key, although no other dialogue options will be availalbe.
This serves to keep the two quests seperate, and both can be completed individually, in your own time, just like it should be. The way you complete "The NUka-Cola Challenge" should be completely unchanged by this mod.


1. Unzip to your Fallout 3/Data folder.
2. Go to Data Files in your FO3 launcher menu and check Fix-FTF.esp.
3. Have fun :)


1. Remove Fix-FTF.esp from your /Data directory.


This mod will conflict with anything that changes "The Nuka-Cola Challenge", but nothing else.


The only problem as far as I'm concerned is that Milo's dialogue when giving you the safe key has no accompanying voice file. As far as I can tell there's not much I can do about this (having moved this dialogue into another quest), but it's not a major problem as it is two lines of dialogue that are spoken once then never again.


Version 1.0: Initial Version released

Hopefully this will also be the final version, I have bug-tested it extensively and it works in all circumstances.


Moderator Edit If it doesn't work for you then let me know and I'll fix it.

Thanks To:

Bethesda for Fallout 3 and the wonderful G.E.C.K.


I see no need for anyone to use this mod in their own work, but if you feel compelled to do so then please give me credit, and email me at [email protected] to let me know how you're using my work.