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Interior/Exterior Ambient OverHaul

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This mod adds hundreds of new ambient noises to the wasteland as well as dungeons, buildings and cities etc...

This mod was inspired by Leviathan1753\'s mod {Ambient Wasteland 2}
And is compatible with {Ambient Wasteland 2}.

Hopefully adds a more eerie atmosphere throughout all of Fallout 3 While keeping all ambient noises consistent with game content.

With this installed you should hear more birds in Megaton, distant gun battles in DC ruins, Boat creaking sounds in Rivet city and much more.

To install place the \"sound\" folder into the fallout 3 \"data\" folder and play.

Should be compatible with all mods.

Sorry for updating but I felt the interiors were to loud. I moved the louder interiors sounds and put them into the wasteland. Also made it so the new interior sounds wont play as often. That's what new with version 1.1
apologies if this caused any inconvenience

To update to version 1.1 from 1.0. You should first delete version 1.0, then download 1.1, install version 1.1 and play.

 - in the 1.2 update changes all the interiors so that there well be no whispers and got rid of ALOT of other interior sounds, besides dunwich building because it is suppose to be haunted. got rid of some louder sounds in the waste and turned up some quieter ones. Fixed rivet city being to loud when near it.

To update to version 1.2 from 1.1 You should first delete version 1.1, then download 1.2, install version 1.2 and play.