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Vastly improves the LOD noise texture used on all distant land. Uses only minimal video memory and greatly improves quality.

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This is a copy of the Improved LOD Noise Texture mod I released for FONV, as it works fine in FO3 as well.
Improved LOD Noise Texture! Ever wondered why terrain about 50 feet away looked so ugly? Low resolution noise was the culprit!

Finally you can enjoy long range sniping without the game looking awful in your scope.

This mod adds high quality 2048x2048 noise. I have spent some time tweaking it trying to get the noise just right.

This is not just any noise, No sir, This is very high quality noise as only the best will do for my users.

So download today! A Better quality world awaits you! What are you waiting for? Stop reading now and DOWNLOAD MY MOD!

Just extract to your Fallout New Vegas\Data directory and you are done!


Q: Can I change the distance the game uses LOD?
A: I have not found a way to do this.

Q: Will this slow down my game?
A: As with all graphical enhancements it may affect performance some, but should not be noticeable. it won't use much video memory but will use it all the time.

Q: Its not making any changes
A: You need to enable Archive invalidation in the program FOMM, under its 'tools' menu.

Q: I am a modder and can no longer generate terrain textures in geck
A: Remove this mod from data\textures\effects when you wish to generate terrrain textures in geck.

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