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Gameplay changes from Weight to Encumbrance ( Size ) system. Merc. Clothes offer Stat benefits. Healing, crippled, stimpacks and meds and doctors are a little more "hard core".

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This mod changes some basic settings to make player inventories in the Fallout 3 world operate on the notion of SIZE rather then WEIGHT. No one can run around with 3 rocket launchers and 100 beers... not since college, not in the real world. This tweak in RPG play will make you think about what is worth picking up, and what is dead weight on your back.

Set Base weight allowance to 50 from 150
Set string values for Wg ( weight ) to Sz ( Size )

CLothes / Items:
Rebalanced all Armor and cloathing to SIZE values from WEIGHT values
Added Sizes for many weightless objects ( Including caps, but not ammo )

Merc Clothes are cool, so why can't they effect your awesome stats? Clothes make the wastelander... right?

Added unique effects for Merc Outfits

As much as I appreciate doctors being cure-all gods and jamming 20 stimpacks while taking lazer blasts to the face, it kind of dampens the RPGness.... for me. I really appreciate scrambling around as a crippled mess, desperately looking for a safe place to sleep. I'm crazy, but its fun when you're in character.

Doubled the duration of Meds
Rebalanced Water fountains, toilets, sinks
Sleeping heals much much much less
Sleeping does not cure crippled limbs

Doctor Prices:
Addiction = 50 ( but set Health to 25% )
Radiation = 100
Heal 33% to 01% = 150
Heal 66% to 33% = 100
Heal 99% to 66% = 75

This is free to be updated by any amazing individual who wants to jump on it. Run with it!
But you better give me the initial credit... oh, man - you better.

-- Callirgos