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Unique items (weapons and armors) have unique look.

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Hello and welcome!

I'm glad to present to you my new plug in. Main idea of the plug-in is to make unique items (armors and weapons) to look unique. I was trying hard to make all the new textures and meshes describe special features of the weapon/armor (for example - Sydney's SMG has bigger magazine). The next to distinguish unique equipment among others. To save orginal Fallout 3
climate, I'm mostly base on Bethesda resources but I also get some inspirations form previous FO games.

All weapons have new textures. Some of them have new meshes. Here's more detailed description:

- Occam's Razor - textured after combat knife from FO:Tactics.
- Stabhappy - textured after Stallona from first Fo, also little longer tham regular combat knife.
- Butch's Toothpick - with golden pieces and clearer blade.
- Jack - black finnish (to fit better to Enclave standards).
- Ant's Sting - blade covered in ant's poison.
- Vamipire's Edge - gray and black with red finnish (vampire colors).
- Highwayman's Friend - rusted, bigger than normal tire iron (it's weigh more in game than regular one).
- The Break - new texture, also a little longer than standard pool cue (in game it's got longer range).
- The Tenderizer - clearer pommel with red and black handle. His unique ability has been restored.
- Board of Education - New texture with blood stains.
- Colonel Autumn's 10 mm pistol - chrome finnish with enclave logos on the grip - it's high rank officer side arm.
- Blackhawk - black metal parts in slighty better condition (Aghata describe it as well maintained) with pearl grip.
- Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese Pistol - added flame symbols on both sides. It's now affected by Pyromaniac perk.
- Reservist's Rifle - woodland, plastic furniture and US Army star on the right side and shorter magazine (3 rounds).
- Victory Rifle - more metallic with wooden stock, grip and V symbol.
- Ol' Painless - cleaned, with name wrtitten on the stock.
- Xuanlong assault rifle - black (Xuanlong is chinese black dragon) with drum magazine (36 rounds).
- The terrible shotgun - without paint and skull on stock (it's a raider's weapon).
- The Kneecapper - better maintained than than regular one.
- Sydney's 10 mm "Ultra" SMG - with longer magazine (50 rounds) and bakelite grip.
- Protectron's Gaze - with darker finnish (like Protectron), orange details and additional fuse near the trigger (to support higher voltage).
- Smuggler's End - silver with pearl colored grip and red wire. BoS logo on cell flap - high elder's weapon.
- Miss Launcher - gray-blue i color, with pin-up girl riding rocket on top (the Miss :D).
- Experimental MIRV - other shade of green with yellow stripes (to warm - it's experimantal weapon). Also "MIRV" inscription on front.
- Eugene - chrome barrels (higher durability than normal minigun), painted green - Ranger's color. Name "Eugene" written on backpack.
- Burnmaster - painted red with bbq pin-up girl on tank. It's now affected by Pyromaniac perk.
- Vengeance - more metallic with black details. "Fuck you" written on bakcpack.
- Shocker - regular power fist with high voltage stickers.
- Fisto! - silver with black details and inscription "Fisto".
- Plunkett's Valid Points - brass colored (in GECK they are described as brass knuckless). They can be repaired with spiked knuckless.
- A3-2's Plasma Rifle - with 3 addiotnal cylinders. Colored like Winchester P94 from first FO.
- Wazer Wifle - less trashy, darker and with yellow details - colored after Wattz 2000 from first FO.
- Environment suit - orange (Ecolog suit from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) with black boots and gloves. Radioation symbols on sleeves.
- Vance's longcoat outfit - black coat with red jumper under (fits better to vamipre).
- Wanderer's leather armor - regular leather armor with cockroach and "Inherit the Earth" sentence on back (from unused raider graffiti texture).
- Lesko's lab coat - with green ant's blood/nectar stains and radioation symbol on pocket - informin about lead coat under (+30 radioation res.).
- The Surgeon's lab coat - normal vault's scientist outfit covered in blood.
- Shady hat - black colored (I can't figure out more shady color :))
- Takoma Park little leaguer cap - with black peak with "Little League Takoma Park" written on. White color on front.
- Boogeyman's hood - evil smile painted on front.
- Ledoux's hockey mask - with skull painted on whole and "PSYCHOS" written on forehead.
- Torcher's mask - rusted (lesser DR than regular one) with flames painted on front.
- Jericho's assault rifle - with combat knife "bayonet" straped on front and skull painting on grip. Also there is a inscription on other side from old
raider graffiti texture.
- Fawkes' Supersledge - brown-rust color with black details (destroyed vault colors).
- Charon's sotgun - lever action shotgun (mesh from lincoln's rifle but with shorter barrel) colored like combat shotgun.
Also plug-in corrects Riley's Rangers combat armor texture for males (in orignal almost half of
texture was too dark). Ranger helemt use now his green, unused texture and Talon combat helmet is black when you thow it on the ground.

Thanks and have fun.


This is beta version, if you see any bugs etc. please report! Thanks!

PS 2
W folderze PL polska wersja pulg-in'u. Polish version of plug-in in PL folder.