Fallout 3
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This is a port of Sinblood\'s sexy Steamjunk armor from New Vegas

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Sorry, made a stupid newbie mistake (not surprising since this is my first upload) I added the armor so a set of it was in EVERY 'empty' locker. I revised the mod so there is now a unique box in the women's room of megaton containing the armor. Hopefully that deals with the issue.

A port of Sinblood's Steamjunk Armor for the Type 6 body. The entire mod is his work and I claim no credit for any of it, I merely ported the work from New Vegas to Fallout 3. Sinblood gave very clear permission to use his work as long as proper credit was given.

The armor can be found in the Megaton Women's restroom in the otherwise empty locker.

NOTE: There was an additional item included in the original mod. It was called 'feathers'. I assume it was the neck-piece that can be seen on a couple of the screenies. I could not get this texture to work so I deleted it from the port-over. I assume it used something from NV, which can't be ported due to copyright laws etc etc etc. Everyone will just have to do without that item, sorry.

This is the original mods URL


The following are the credits Sinblood asked be used in any mods using his work:

Bethesda Softwork for Fallout Nv and ressources it provide.

Necroscope for his Type 6 body replacer:
Bits of panty model used by this outfit is from one of his pros outfit variants too

Dimon99 for his Type 3 body replacer:

And of course Sinblood

The following are the permissions Sinblood gave for his work as written by him. Anyone that wants to use this work must comply with Sinblood's request.

Feel free to use this mod in your own creations, I even encourage you to do. All I ask is that, I (Sinblood) and all people listed above be credited in your readme.