Realistic Melee Weapons by Angmarod and Trey5511
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This mod is the result of my frustration in looking at items that I could imagine being weapons but weren't. The list below identifies all of the items that are now weapons. This means that a total of 1,744 objects (their pre-existing forms) have been searched and replaced with their parallel weapon forms. I've made it so that these objects have maintained their XYZ rotational values, so they literally appear in the open world exactly as they did in vanilla FO3. They have been assigned damage values that seemed most logical to me with regards to existing weapon damage values (Note: existing damage values of some melee weapons were also changed to make more sense, nothing drastic). They have been added to all possible vendor lists, npc weapon possibility lists, and each comes with a repair list (can only be repaired with different items of the same name). When I find the time, weapon uniques for each are to be made, as each vanilla weapon has at least one unique form.

Just to reiterate, these weapons are made for the purists who believe that they should be able to do something, regardless of it being the most combat efficient weapon around; so yes, I know that the cooking pot covers half your view screen.

1. Bonesaw
2. Hammer
3. Lawnmower Blade
4. Metal Cooking Pan
5. Metal Cooking Pot
6. Plunger
7. Pressure Cooker
8. Scalpel
9. Spatula
10. Wrench
11. Broom
12. Crutch
13. Rake

Put the Data folder in your Fallout3 installation directory (usually something like C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3).
ArchiveInvalidation must be activated so that the XYZ rotational values of drawn weapons are correct.

Honestly, you could just delete the .esp. Meshes take up about 200kb and have no application without the .esp, so everything will return to normal with the .esp out of the way.

THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED THIS MOD REACH 1000 DOWNLOADS! I'm slowly working on expanding it, but I've got some other crap holding me up and stealing my interest.