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It is said that dead men tell no tales. But in the shadows and dust of DC, the dead cry out to live again in your imagination. Find their bones, and seek their stories, so they are not forgotten.

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This is primarily an exploration mod. This mod adds eight new interconnected interiors to explore, filling out some of the boarded-up buildings near the Nuka-Cola Plant and Bailey's Crossroads (Operation Anchorage). Within these areas, you will face darkness, death, and the haunting histories of the dead.

I always liked the morbid scenes told by skeletons and the objects around them in the game. How did they die, and when? Before or after the bombs fell? How did they live? The content of this mod is centred around these thoughts, wrapped within the haunting beauty of my interiors. Your conclusions about these long dead people will be hard-won, as you battle the very current realities and legacies of the post-war world.

All eight interiors are fully navmeshed and companion friendly. You may want some company, as many of these interiors are very dark by design.

There are two free-form quests in here as well. They are simple, but are intended to provide useful features for long-term play.

Start at the Nuka-Cola plant and look for an unfortunate man who met his end at the hand of a vicious vending machine (see images).


Volume 2 of Shadows and Dust is up! Get it here!


I have playtested this mod thoroughly, but as every system and load order is different, I cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with every mod out there. I do know this mod works very well with the following popular mods:

Mart's Mutant Mod 6.0;
Fallout Wanderer's Edition 6.1;
RH Ironsights;
The Mantis Imperative;
Enhanced Weather;
DC Interiors;
Existence 2.0; and
And many more in my load order.

In fact, FWE makes this much more interesting in terms of the traps. I've also provided sufficient opportunities to satisfy your "primary needs" as you trudge through the interiors.

This mod uses only vanilla assets.


Copy the desired .esp to your Fallout 3 Data Folder. Check the appropriate box in FOMM or Data Manager. I recommend you run Fallout Edit and create a merged patch, but it is not required.


Delete the installed esp.


Do whatever you want with this mod. If you use any of my interiors, text, or weapons in one of your mods, just let people know where the material came from.

Thanks: Bethesda, Fo3 Nexus Community, and button quails.