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Adds the Fallout Tactics Flamer Pistol to Fallout 3.

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This is a New Vegas port of the Fallout Tactics Flamer Pistol.

Ever wanted to carry around multiple heavy weapons at once, but your carry weight just won't allow it? Do you like the Flamer, but just feel it's a bit tasteless? This is for you. The new Flamer Pistol has arrived from the Commonwealth. These new series of Flamers are completely one-handed and can be carried with ease. They weigh less and can be quickly drawn in the midst of a firefight, and fired much more often in V.A.T.S. But don't expect the mobility to come without a price.

With increased mobility and convenience comes less power and tank size. But that's a small price to pay, is it not? The Flamer Pistol can be found on Raiders and Talon Company mercenaries, as well as in certain high quality stores. It is also rumored that the Enclave may have developed a new experimental version of this deadly, versatile weapon.

This will require Broken Steel. The Flamer Pistol is fully compatible with EVE and RH_Iron Sights. To put Flamer Pistols in the leveled and vendor lists, you will need to do a cell reset. Go to an empty cell with no NPCs. Your house is great for this. Then wait for 4 days. After that, they will begin to spawn.

Credits go to DaiShiHUN and Weijieson.

Installation: Should be pretty straight forward. Just install using FOMM or extract the Meshes, Textures, and .esp to your Fallout3/Data folder.