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Simply 3rd party mods for Mothership Zeta Crew that are perhaps too small to go on the collab.

Permissions and credits
Propaganda Revised
Allows you to cover the enclave posters throughout the Capitol Wasteland
Activate by speaking to Civilian affairs coordinator Tanaka once the TSC has revealed itself, and the Enclave has made the scene.
Credit goes to Pwinkle for the textures.

TSC Oasis
Send some defenders (or invaders if you're a terrible person who attacked them) to Oasis to protect it from any raider or such that wanders up while your scientists try to unlock Harold's mysteries and maybe further speed his growth.
Why would they let your men in? Because Harold said so, and he likes the company.

Doesn't matter how you solved the quest, but if you're hostile to Oasis, I'm sure the troops will clear the town trying to defend you.
If you didn't kill Harold, you can also buy him an entertainment system of sorts, make his life less miserable.
Activated through the Commander Console.

Baby Marie
After a rather fun moral debate, I decided to make a solution to the Pitt problem.
If you sided with the slaves, you can have Midea give you Marie by promising cures to the Pitt with more effectiveness and speed.
Talk to Midea and ask how Marie is doing for the topic to be added to your options.
Version 2 adds a small relief station at the stockades to make good on the promise of distributing medicine. You'll need to delete the old file if you've already got Marie on your current save file. Look at the contained notice for more information.
By request, to uninstall, type "prid x00b3e4" "enable" without quotes, and The Pitt's load number in place of X, then you may disable the ESP without incident.

TSC - Vault 101 Revisited
Simply adds a small number of TSC personnel to Vault 101
Requires KineticKat's Vault 101 Revisited mod.
To activate it, simply talk to Amata after finishing "Take me to your Leader" and "A Friend in Need".

Vault 112 Occupation
Take over Vault 112 after you're done there.
To get started, simply talk to councilor Nadia after Tranquility Lane and Take Me to Your Leader.
At present, it's simply an occupation (with a problem or 2, idle markers and those damn snipers), but it's also the only one that could potentially be used as a base for it's own mini mod.
While this is far outside my own skill, if anyone is interested in taking this up, please contact me.

Prototype Alien Gatling Laser by deathClaw0987
Still a WiP that uses the default meshes and textures.
Currently found in you Olympus Quarters.

Improved Commander Quarters - Scientist
The base commander office is pretty bare bones. This mod turns your Olympus home into a small control center fit for stressed out scientists.
V2 modifies the area a bit, especially with a new few containers and a sleeping area.
If you're updating or using this mod for the first time, you'll want to get all your stuff out of there just in case.
All new containers are safe for storage, even the ones marked as links (the names are simply for role playing).

TSC Scavenging
You're able to send teams to scavenge ruins of high value.
It always irked me that there are areas full of incredibly valuable technology just...sitting there, and you can't do anything with it because you can't pick it up. This aims to fix that.
Currently, you can start digging scrap from Raven Rock once it's destroyed one way or another.
You can also start a dredging operation in Point Lookout once the submarine is destroyed, a boat can be found near the sub site, and a warehouse on the boardwalk, a swampfolk merchant also sells several new swamp remedies.
Talk to Tanaka to get started.
(I know the navmesh on the boat is awful, it was my first time ever trying to do it.)
A big thanks to Andersh for his diving suit.

Fixes a frequent problem for AQFH users being unable to progress past Poseidonis due to the former editing the base objects for some vanilla hatches.
Note that I don't use AQFH myself, but am simply addressing a common, but seemingly easy to fix problem. So while this is untested, everything should still be properly placed, linked, locked and scripted.

Teleporter Security
This simply adds several security measures to the main surface - ship teleporter.
Simply talk to Karpov after My Fellow Americans.