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You have the Lawbringer Perk, but Regulator HQ is disappointing and a pig-sty? Try this redesign that makes HQ clean, cozy and also provides the player with a bed and storage. Uses vanilla assets.

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Patches have been uploaded to make this mod compatible with WillieSea's The Regulators mod. TheBlueKidd was kind enough to create these, and all credit goes to him. Thanks Blue! :)

In short, its always been disappointing to get the Lawbringer Perk just to find that your HQ is a pig-sty, it doesn't even provide you with a place to sleep, Sonora just stands in one place, and its dark and depressing.

This mod is a simple redesign of the interior that makes every room functional, adding:

-A cozy great room with a working fireplace made from vanilla textures
-A dining room/kitchen with a more down-home feel
-A common room for the Regulators, including a player-bed and storage
-A jail cell/office that includes a work bench

Also, every container has been set to the player-faction to provide plenty of storage. Warm lighting has been added to every room to set the mood. Sonora has been given a basic default sandbox AI package so she isn't forever standing in one place. A campfire with seating has been placed just outside, along with a picnic table and an outhouse in the far corner of the brahmin pasture. A smoking chimney has been added to the rear of the ranch house. The two spawn points near HQ have been removed so the brahmin don't keep getting attacked, and there's a barn and silo in the next pasture over.

The interior has been re-navmeshed to accommodate the changes!

UPDATE: Seems I didn't make the food owned by the Player Faction, so the update changes that to keep the NPCs from hogging it all. Also, there was an issue with a few crates which have been removed. Simply delete the old file and use the update.

This mod is made with vanilla assets, but does require Point Lookout for several items.

Nearly everything has been touched/moved in HQ, so this may cause problems with other mods that make changes to the layout.

This does not require FOSE, so you can simply drop the esp file into your data folder and activate it with the launcher, or use FOMM to install it.

This is my first public-release mod aimed at improving existing faction buildings in Fallout 3. I have several more in the works, and hope to finish them soon. If you like this mod, please leave an endorsement and/or a comment. Thank you!

Anyone who wants to use my interior for their own mod is more than welcome to! Please endorse and credit me is all I ask. :)


Thank you to Mackenzie Grimmus for the inspiration! <3

Thank you to GhanimaAtreides for the trouble-shooting and the test-run!