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adds a whole new world with its own quests, connection to the wasteland, items, and whatever else you may have dreamed of...

Permissions and credits
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Commonwealth of Modders
-The High Sea Caravansery-

Version 1.0

A Mod For Fallout 3
by Bethesda Softworks


adds a whole new world with its own quests, connection to the wasteland, items,
and whatever else you may have dreamed of...




a whole tropical archipelago for you to enjoy


a wide variety of exciting quests ranging from assasinations over rescues to total destruction (11+)

"the renegade commander"
help the D.O.N. army to conquer Cry's Island or turn the tide and help the rebels.

"scrap for lead"
help the D.O.N. ammo dealer to increase his ammo production

"snatch the nightgown"
have some nifty fun together with a likeminded bloke or save a damsel in distress

"rotwangs experiment"
help the famous scientist Rotwang to ceate a mighty tool of destruction

"the insult duell"
defeat an undead corsair in a lethal duel of wit and bravery and claim his booty

"trollroach hunt"
go on a quest for glory together with a fellowship of heroic wastelanders and save a famed superheroine from the evil trollroachqueen

for evil characters only... burn after reading...

and many more!


an abundance of shops of which many are in honor of some individual modders expanded and supported by addons yet created or soon to be


a fair share of new companions including an easy to understand and customize system to create new companions to your liking
(how to: simply add any npc you want to become a companion to the AAHSCcompanionFaction and give them the AAHSCcompanionFollowScript - you can also add a package to them aslong as it contains the condition: run on subject; getitemcount AAHSCcompanionToken < 1 and AAHSCcompanionFollowToken < 1)


plenty of new items for you to enjoy (115+ weapons, 65+ armor pieces, a bunch of misc items)

pre war rifle
a heavy hitting bolt action rifle

flamme mk 1
a mighty dual laser rifle which can set its victims aflame

a deadly two handed melee weapon often said to be the weapon of choice of the grim reaper himself

molotov cocktails
cult... ume choya ftw!

silenced and scoped 5mm assault rifle
silent and fast, a favorite amongst mercenaries

the orbital strike tool
death from the sky? here you go...
(how to: simply activate the tool to launch a laser beam from your current weapon at a dead or alive being, npc, beast and take cover!)

and many many many much more many many slicers, blowers, flamers, bombers, wootzers, slashers and piercers more...


a splendid home for you onboard an old submarine including addons and an amazing underwater view

you should pay special attention to the aquarium and its many mirlurk growing features aswell as the weapon locker... and the pin up on the locker :P

addons can be bought from rotwang


available Addons:

We Jazz! radio station by Crowbennet

Growlf's Secret by Growlf (compiled by Malo)

Malo's Conversions by Malo

Malo's Armors and Dresses by Malo

JaySuS Claws and Blades

JaySuS Berets

JaySuS Chinese Rifles

JaySuS Sais

JaySuS Marine Battle Armor



download either all 5 packs OR the COMM Full file

if you donwloaded the packs:
rename the packs to: COMMv10.part1.rar till COMMv10.part5.rar respectively
select each consecutive pack seperately during the extraction process
(im sorry for this inconvenience but the nexus renames all files automaticly)

extract the archive(s) you downloaded into ...fallout3/Data/ using winrar

manually move COMMmain.bsa, COMMtextures.bsa and COMM.esm into your fallout3\data directory

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is heavily recommended to download and extract the "COMM Bug Fix Pack" aswell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is regulary updated and features many bugfixes and new additions aswell as balancing fixes - do not complain about bugs please if you dont use it



lol as if i would have intended that... no! i dont know how!
*sigh* if you insist...

-download the COMMuninstall mod and use it according to it's readme
-then delete:


activate COMM.esm in your fallout launcher of choice

most likely youll have to change a setting in your fallout.ini - change "BinvalidateOlderFiles=0" to 1
(applies for most mods that add new content)

COMM.esm need to be loaded AFTER fallout.esm
use Timeslip's Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) to achieve this

fallout needs to be at least at version 1.4 (lower versions might work but are not supported)



the adventure starts next to rivet city

if those "JaySuS needs a job" signs annoy you just shoot at them, i need one nevertheless :P

to get your player home either complete Captain Red Carp's Quest or simply buy it from him

dont go inside the "past memories" room... nothing there for you

if you are interested in joining the crew or helping out in one way or another please visit:
this thread also contains all the newest information available



if you encounter a bug please contact me (JaySuS) at fallout3nexus.com

please include a complete list of all your mods and as much information as possible which enables me to recreate the bug


copyright rules:

all content in this mod is protected by international law and may not be redistributed or modified under
any circumstances without my consent.
for more detailed information please contact me (JaySuS) at fallout3nexus.com



imagine a new born child, now imagine it 12 yrs later... that's approximately the change this mod went
through from V08 to this very release, thus basicly too much to mention


future prospects:




addons for COMM made by me (JaySuS) before june 2009 are obsolete with this release as they are all included
yet and may therefore cause conflicts of unknown scale

addons of authors other than me (JaySuS) still work as intended

addons made by me (JaySuS) after the 20th of june 2009 will work as intended



me... and even more me... JAYSUS that is if you wondered

YOSSARIAN for technical councelling and uploading the mod

MALO for moralic support, buddha's robe fix, slof's armor, mirlurk companion's headgear

NEKRONOM for the joint and weed bag model

CROWBENNET for the voice acting of his own npc and his cajun food aswell as his mines

The whole Nexus Crew for letting me host it and their support in the struggle against trolls

Brurpo for the m1911 and beretta pistols

ShadowTek for letting me host it :)

MonkeyManjor for making the video

TFTrashCan for making the other video

MamaLuigi4Brawl (ML4B) for making the other other video

the greatest of thanks to all of you, you are a fine bunch and your outstanding contributions truly improved this mod
grössten dank an alle von euch, ihr seit ein wunderbarer haufen und eure ausserordentlichen beiträge haben diese mod wirklich verbessert
merci beacoup a tous vous, vous sont un groupe magnifique et votre contributions a improve cette mod le trés beaucoup

im deeply sorry if i may have forgotten anyone, if so please let me know and i'll fix it asap


tools used by me (not those the people named in the credits section used):

FO3 Archive Utility
Alive Text to Speech


general safety issues

this mod might kill you, your loved ones or the whole world! i take no responsibility for
any action done or any event happening as a result of playing this or any other of my mods.
it includes gore, foul speech, probably but not necessarily boobs, brutality and sheer beauty... if you dont
like any of these avoid this mod.


have fun and enjoy :)


i offer Kudos to everyone who can upload a screenshot of Elsa the lovely brahmin companion, i cant seem to find her but she must be somewhere in the wasteland, just not where she belongs. :)