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Increases FPS while making the game look better. Now in 3 new flavors!

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Dust-Away uses patented technology to remove all free-floating dust and dirt devils. Increases your frame rate, while at the same time ridding the wasteland of unsightly dark clouds of disgusting dust, blinding fog, and unsightly mists! The only smoke in the air will be from the barrel of your gun [size=-2](Note: Dust-Away does not actually add smoking barrels)[/size].

But Wait! There's More!
Now, from the makers of Dust-Away comes three spectacular new products!

Are you tired of wandering through a post apocalyptic wasteland, only to find newspapers all over the place? Are you confused how paper could last over 200 years and just get... a little brown?

Well wonder no more! Our patented removal techniques rid your world of all of that unsightly clutter, letting you rest your existential questions and worry more about the hordes of Raiders that are right behind you as we speak.

Ladies. Gentlemen. Indeterminate beings of a quasi-gendered nature. I ask you. Does a pebble deserve to be mentioned in the annals of history over 31,503 times? I think not. Now with new Rock-Out, rid your world of that save-game bloating, frame rate eating pebble for all eternity. Let the bigger stones stand out and leave the fruity little pebbles for breakfast.

And our most recent product:

Clean-Deluxe GOTY Edition!
Made with the greatest of care for the most discerning of our customers, Clean-Deluxe GOTY edition combines the quality you've come to expect in our other products into a lean-mean FPS improving machine. Don't settle for immitators, ask for Clean-Deluxe GOTY edition by name!


Non-sales info:

No game mechanics have been changed, and the method of removal (for Dust-Away) is to set all FXDust*, FXAmbDust*, FXLightDust*, FXRadiationDust*, FXSimpleGlow* and FXMist* references to be Initially Disabled. All light beams have been are kept for visual effects. This is a VISUALS ONLY mod. There should be no incompatibility issues or game crashes associated with the use of this mod.

Dust, rocks, or paper clutter added or changed by mods will not be affected. Xepha's Dynamic Weather's Sandstorms will still work as designed. No holes in the landscape will be opened up, and the object themselves are still there, just disabled. If any mod ever makes a reference to any one of them, it will work perfectly fine.

Clean-Deluxe is not a weather mod. It does not edit cloud textures, color values, or imagespaces. It works with Fellout, Xepha's Dynamic Weather, or any Interior lighting modifications. All screenshots, both before and after, actually show some of the effects of Xepha's Darkened Interiors.

Mods should be loaded above any lighting, weather or cell-fixing mods in the load order. So, put them above Xepha's Darkened Interiors or Realistic Interior Lighting, Xepha's Dynamic Weather or Fellout, and above Fallout Remastered, Master Fix, Error Corrections, or James Invisible Wall Bugs Remover. All cell entries are vanilla, and can safely be overridden by more tactful mods.