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A remodel of the Galaxy News Radio Building. Improved Brotherhood facilities and defenses. New NPCs including a doctor, merchant, bartender and additional knights. Also modifies ThreeDogs Studio which includes a modest player room.

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Name: GNR Building Redux
Author: Malaclypse
Category: Buildings


A remodel of the Galaxy News Radio Building interior. Improved Brotherhood facilities and defenses. New NPCs including a doctor, merchant, bartender and additional knights. Also modifies ThreeDogs Studio which includes a modest player room.

File Information:

This Mod is a complete remodel of the GNR building interior, both the Brotherhood outpost and ThreeDogs studio. I attempted to keep the overall feel and atmosphere of the building, I just never liked that the main BoS Outpost in the downtown DC area was so dirty and limited in scope. A few other mods have added limited services or cleaned up the GNR building, this mod has their features combined into one plus additional content.

The rubble and litter in both areas has been cleaned up because what does the military do when not on guard duty or patrol? That's right, drink! Oh, uh, I mean they clean! Includes a full service clinic with a doctor, who offers healing and medical supplies as good or better than other doctors, after all he works on more wounded soldiers than most any other doctor in the wasteland. Theres a Recroom that has a bartender with services (not those services!) and a few different forms of entertainment for the soldiers. Upstairs there is a merchant offering sale and trade of weapons and armors who also has the ability to repair your items, for a price of course. An outpost such as this needed extra armaments for the BoS knights so I added a fairly well stocked armory. The mess hall, bathrooms, storage and barracks have been improved and there is also a war room where the BoS can plan attacks and brief its knights. ThreeDogs studio was basically just straightened up a bit. There are a few minor modifications and improvements but the biggest change is the addition of a small player room with a bit of storage and a place to crash. All areas are completely NavMeshed and companion friendly.

There are 5 new NPC's (7 including the 2 wounded knights) who all have AI and are fully voiced as well as improvements to the AI of the existing 3 GNR Knights. No changes were made to any of the Lyons Pride members as I felt that would be outside the scope of this mod. Warning: the NPC's offering services are part of the GNR faction, if you attack or steal from them you will be attacked by the knights, who have been upgraded.


Fallout 3


1. Download the GNR Building archive to a secure location.

2. Extract the files from the archive. There are 2 files, the GNRBuilding_BoS.esm (The Brotherhoods area) and the GNRBuilding_Studio.esp (ThreeDogs area). You do not need the .esm to run the the .esp, they can be used together or independently.

3. Copy the files to your "[DRIVE]:[INSTALL PATH]\Fallout 3\Data\" folder.

4. Open your Fallout 3 Launcher (or mod manager - i.e. - FOMM), place a checkmark beside both the .esm and .esp file and run the game.

5. Load order should not make a lot of difference. I did find one conflict with the UFO3Patch.esm (Surprise, Surprise!) so place the .esm below that but otherwise shouldn't matter where you place the files.

6. Enjoy the improved GNR Building as part of your game play!


1. Open your Fallout 3 Launcher (or mod manager), and uncheck the GNR Building files.

2. Delete the GNR Building files.


There should be no conflicts outside the GNR Building. This mod only modifies the interior of the building, specifically interior cells GNR01 and GNR02.

The following mods are not compatible with this mod:

GNR_Roofhouse-12446 or 12536

However, this mod includes all the main features of these mods except: 1) The pristine pre-war interior of Bonds GNR Studio. 2) The backpacks and weapons from the GNR Shop, as I felt they are outside the scope of this mod. This is a building remodel mod, and as such does not add addition player equipment or weapons. There are plenty of mods out there that specifically add such items.
If a player wants the additional content from the GNR Shop mod they are:
Backpacks - SedPL - Updated-11158
Classic sniper rifle DKS-501-6381
joefoxx Fallout Classic Weapons Mod-3245


No known issues. I tested this mod extensively. Any quests or NPC's involved with objectives outside the GNR building remain unchanged and work as intended. Please let me know if you find any issues or problems.


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Thank you to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.

Thank you to the other GNR mod creators for inspiration and ideas. Especially DontPanic, author of the GNR Shop, who offered to allow the inclusion of his mod. Unfortunately I was already too far along in the creation process to do so.

Thank you to Shiholude for knowledge.

Thank you to all the other modders that continue to make this game playable, over and over again.

Thank you to everyone that continues to support and download mods.

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1) This mod is provided as is. By downloading you agree that the author holds no responsibility for anything unfortunate that results from use of its files.

2) Please do not repost or distribute any part of this mod without my permission.

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