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A resource that aims to make Feral Ghouls look so much better as well as more intimidating.

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Feral Ghoul Retextures

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This started out as a small resource that aimed to make Feral Ghouls look so much better. Their low resolution textures disturbed me so I decided to go all out.
This is a collection of textures that are 4096x4096 to provide that excellent crisp look to them. I also created a 2048x2048 version for people who either cannot run the higher textures or feel that it is too excessive. To each their own that's why I am providing both.

Inside the file you download will be 13 texture files, 12 adjusted meshes and an esp. The esp is COMPLETELY optional. It adds all the different variants to the game and also adds them to the list of ghouls that spawn. It can be played ingame just fine and you will enjoy all the textures. However this also means that the esp is incompatable with mods that change how enemies spawn such as Marts Mutant Mod and others like it.

If you just want to play this just download, drag and drop, tick and play :D

So please enjoy!

To install, all you need to do is download the file, unzip with winrar/7zip and extract the contents of the file to your Fallout 3 Data directory
(Usually Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data)

To uninstall, just remove the files that I have added, check the archive file you downloaded for reference.

  • I believe that Archive Invalidation will be required but then again... If you're using this site you should already have it regardless :D

Gimp Team
Nifskope Team

This resource was created by me, if you wish to edit it for your own projects then please go ahead and do so. All I ask is for credit.