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Same level creature and NPC encounters, regardless of players level. NOW the wasteland is dangerous.

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I guess you can see this as a spiritual successor to oscuro. Essentially, what it does is set every leveled list, for NPC, creature and items, I set the level to 1.

I warn you, it has not been heavily tested, I am just playing with it now. Its... hard.
If you really want fun, combine it with "Mart's Mutant Mod - Increased Increased Spawns.esp".

The world is full of people stronger than you. Weaker than you too. You never know what you will get in life, so prepare well, learn fast, and make friends quickly. Weaklings should be cautious, you've just stepped out of your sheltered vault existence into the wasteland. You're green and have a life expectancy of 5 minutes. If you survive, you will adapt to this new world quickly. The first thing you should do is get yourself well equipped, thats the one thing that is now easier early on.

The feel will change drastically, not just the feel of the game, but the feel of the world you are in. The point of this mod is that you have to play with a different mentality. If you're level 3 and you see a super mutant, RUN! Don't try to fight it and then go "wah, dis game too hard!"

UN-LEVELED LISTS (lofi_levellists.esp)
I went through every leveled list for monsters, npcs and items, and set every single level to 1. You heard me. Now, no matter what level you are, you will encounter the same world. At lower levels the game will be harder, you will meet enemies you cannot deal with. On the other hand, loot and shops will be the same as if you were level 20. You will get shoddy loot mixed with high level loot. This makes things a little more fair in the early levels, and balances things out a bit. But not much. Muahaha.

NPC LEVELS (lo-fi_solidworld.esp)
Certain NPCS and enemies that used to change level around the players level, are now set to fixed levels (based on their previous ranges).

STRONGER SUPER MUTANTS (lo-fi_solidworld.esp)
In vanilla, I killed a super mutant at level 3, and it wasn't that hard either. Level 3!!! I should not be able to do that. All super mutants are stronger (eg brutes are like masters and so on). Fear the muties!

STAR PALADIN CROSS (lo-fi_solidworld.esp)
In vanilla I wanted this follower because she sounded cool, then I finally meet her and shes ugly as sin, and old. OLD!! I didn't change much, I just made her young, changed her ugly haircut, and gave her a cool eye-patch. Should have made this a separate mod really, but I did it without thinking. Just put a mod on top of this if you want to override it.

//optional pair, lofi_combat and lofi_creatures

I hate the way it takes 30 bullets to the head to kill a man. Your weapon skill has a 4x stronger effect on your damage, (5x for bare-handed). Also, barehanded can explode limbs. (Got carried away thinking Fist of the north star).

BLOOD and LEVEL CAP (lo-fi_combat.esp)
I'm not sure, but I think blood should last longer before fading and level cap is higher. I set some variables for it anyway, don't know if it did anything. Also death camera lasts longer.

The global settings I used to adjust combat damage didn't affect creatures, so use this to level them up too.

What is Bethesdas obsession with levelling the world around the player? Why do they think Gothic 1 and 2 were so popular hmm? For the graphics?
Bethesda did listen to the players a bit about leveled lists though and it has been improved, so I'll give them that. And they gave us the geck. Rejoice.

If you like my old-fashioned idea of game balance, check out my own game project: