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I did Moira\'s work in Moriarty\'s place.

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All i did is simply rework the lights, and put some stuffs with the GECK, to make Moriarty'Saloon a more living place... a place where i could stay for a while if i were an NPC.
I did this little mod for my self and now i Share it with you, this is just a simple esp.
I think it should work on it self since i only used ingame objects, please tell me if it does not.

I put a Jukebox and a cool blue glow to go with, makin'it more realistic.

I put a second hanging light so Gob can now see what he is doing, and put two light effects that makes these lamps more physical, you can see now that they really enlight there environment.

I put two lightin' posters, a nuka clock, a nuka banner and a Nukacola neon sign.

I change the colors of two lights one red the other pink.

(Excuse my english)

Everybody is free to use it in another mod.


In this little update i just add the Slot Machine made by Razorwire, wich is a funny and beautifull mod that (as it seems to me) ,has been underestimated by people.

This is a funny way to win some caps (yes,you can play) and it adds something more to moriarty's.

I have Masterized so it's an .esm (originaly the file had a bad header that make it an esp recognize by Fomm as an esm).
I didn't wanted to merge it directly with my mod, cause i don't know if i have the right to do so.

But you can easily do it by opening both files in Tesnip with FOMM (right clic) copy datas from slot machine to my mod, just be sure to paste it on the same GRUP directories (if you see the same in both files open them and watch the structure of those GRUP) anyway allways make backups of original files before trying anything.

This Slot Machine just fit to my Mod perfectly, see the captures i made.

You can DL this machine Mod here or go to the original moder's page...

Anyway thank him and give your kudos to him for this Add, wich i find marvelous.

Installation as usual copy all to your FO3\Data folder.