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The Yard - Small Junkyard Themed Player-House Mod.

Permissions and credits
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Player Home Mod.


This mod adds The Yard to the world. The Yard is a small outdoor compound with a small indoor player house.
Centrally located, with a nice neighbour and a secure location this small facility caters to all your wasteland activities and fits right in. Experience true outdoor living!

Included are 4 files:
Default - This is just the yard with a basic interior.
Games Theme - Same as Default except interior is different.
The Lab - Same as Games Theme but includes an underground home.
The Lab (No Items) - Same as The Lab but excluded valuable items and teleporter loop sound.
Note: Please only use ONE of the files.
See below for more details.

The Lab Expansion:

-New Underground Home with 7 rooms
-Fully Interactive Lighting
-Performance Illumination
-Plenty of Storage
-Luxurious, Safe and Secure
-Like no other mini-vault mod you have seen before!

The Yard has gone under! Underground that is... The Lab is a new underground complex located directly below The Yard, incorporating teleporter technology The Labs main entrance is a Teleporter Pod located within the yard's compound and is the only way of gaining access, providing the safest living experience possible.

Staying with The Yards atmospheric feeling, The Lab goes to a whole new level reguarding its lighting capabilities, every room and every lamp is fully interactive and can be switched on or off allowing various colour schemes and other atmospheric effects. The architecture of The Lab has been designed with utility in mind, by using the various teleporter pads its possible to quickly move to any of the 7 rooms including Luxury Bathroom, Bedroom, Display/Seating Area, Diner, Laboratory/Clinic, Workshop and Storeroom all designed with love and detail, in addition there are various storage options with main storage areas being in the Bedroom, the Lab/Clinic, the Workshop and Storeroom which is located just by the main entrance.

This underground headquarters provides more than the average wastelander could ever dream, so live in comfort, style and safety. Its yours for the taking.

Because this mod uses alot of lighting i have included performance lighting which is available via the computer console in the Lab/Clinic Room, this simply provides adequate illumination within the entire underground complex without needing to use the individual lights. Users with med/newer computers shouldnt have any problems however.

Please note, if you are changing themes (Default, Games Theme or The Lab) then please ensure you remove all your items from any part of The Yard including the exterior and/or interior, a safe confirmed place to save is outside Agatha's house just across the bridge.

Games Theme:

The Games Theme is an alternative interior for you to choose instead of the default interior.
With the Games Theme the interior of the Yard House has been completly renovated along with the roof which now provides an open yet safe place to sleep. Galaxy News Radio has also been upgraded in this theme, there are more radios ensuring you can listen to your favourite songs no matter where you are.


This mod makes extensive changes to the exterior wastelands cell(0,8). You can get to the place either by fast travel or running over the bridge from Agathas House.


Default Version
Extract 'The Yard v1.3.esp' file into your Fallout3/Data folder, start the launcher, click Data files tick the file and play.

Games Theme:
Extract 'The Yard v1.3 - Games Theme.esp' file into your Fallout3/Data folder, start the launcher,click Data files tick the file and play.

The Lab Expansion
Extract 'The Yard v1.6 - The Lab.esp'file and both the Meshes and Texture folders into your Fallout3/Data folder, start the launcher, click Data files, tick the file and play.

*The Lab uses blank vault doors and as such requires new meshes and textures. These were provided by Mercury00 as a modders resource (Thanks!)

Mod Compatability:

The Yard changes wasteland cells 0.7 and 0.8 but uses vanilla objects such as the workbench, lab set and infirmary, if you use any mods which affect these then you will need to use FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager
When setting your load order in FOMM, ensure your workbench or related mods are loaded AFTER The Yard else they may not work.

Known Issues:

-The Lab: Please note, because of the teleporters The Lab interior is not follower friendly, unfortunatly i was unable to get them to follow through and as such have not included a navmesh with this version, this does not affect the compound area or the Yard House which do have a navmesh and work with followers.

-The Lab: For an unknown reason the very first time you use the main teleporter some of the beams will 'stick' on, this problem will be fixed permenantly the next time you use the teleporter.

-Some deleted trees have left a low res LOD texture behind, Hopefully someone at Beth will fix this soon.

-Followers are slow to enter the Yard House and wont use main door (they use a side gate instead).

-Sometimes sounds can be heard (bloatfly and footsteps have been reported) when you first enter the Yard House, to fix this simple exit and reenter the interior.

If you have any other issues or come across any bugs please feel free to leave a message in the comments

I also want to say a special thankyou to the community over at the beth forums, without their combined knowledge and friendly persona i wouldnt have been able to release this mod, a special thankyou goes to Qazaaq who helped me immensly with scripting.

Version History:

Version 1.6
**Affects 'The Lab Expansion' only**
-Removed Duplicate Scripts
(Should now be compatible with latest patch and all DLC's)

Version 1.5: (Updated 17,00 13/Jan/2009)
**Affects 'The Lab Expansion' only**
-Fixed Nuka machines inside the Yard House

**Please note this is a very minor change and as such all your belongings inside any containers will be safe if your upgrading from The Lab Expansion version 1.4 (tested)**

Version 1.4: (Updated 17.30 12/Jan/2009)
**Affects The Lab Expansion only**
-Replaced desklight switches in display room to static models
-Replaced all green lighting inside the storeroom (it was causing a GECK error)
-Fixed the script on the lab desk lamp, it will now light up instead of showing the face and hair change menu.

Version 1.3 (Updated 02.30 11/Jan/2009)
-Fixed Generator script, it will now activate on the first click (rather than 2)
-Replaced Lab and Infirmary to default models which should ensure mod compatability
-Fixed the Nuka Machines, they now return ice cold nuka's!
-Removed Anvil

Version 1.2 (Updated 21.00 20/Dec/2008)
-Added working Generator Control Panel. (Its abit rusty so give it a click or two)
-Spruced up the entire compound area.
-Removed all collision markers in front of and around the balcony area.
-Fixed landscape clipping (Thanks Ka-Oz :) )

NOTE: The complimentary mod 'Wasteland Texture Project' found below, significantly improves sandbag textures.

Version 1.1(Updated 00.10 17/Dec/2008)
-Changed Anvil to use Workbench script.
-Renovated entrance.
-Tidied up Navmesh

Version 1.0
-Initial Release


Complementary Mods:
Wasteland Texture Project
Enhanced NightSky
Whats your Brand



Please note versions 1.3 and 1.5 are my final updates to this mod due to RL, as such if anyone wishes to further modify this then please feel free to do so, but please credit me with the original work. Thanks! :)