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Outcasts now use their proper, friendly dialogue when you are trusted.

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I don't think this mod needs much of an introduction.

This mod will make Outcasts stop using their usual "rocks banging" dialogue even if you are tursted by them. The new, that is, WHAT THEY SHOULD SAY, is:

"Keep an eye out for those locals!"
"Don't push your luck out here!"

When approached, the Outcasts no longer point out that they are encountering some wildlife. Instead, they say:
"Good to see you're holding up alright."
"Watch your back and keep your batteries dry out there."

Now that's MUCH better is it?

These are normal dialogues intended to be said when you are trusted. The problem was that the dialogues had a wrong type of check (they checked if you belonged to OutcastFaction, while you will become OutcastAllyFaction when trusted).