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Adds 50 custom poses that can be applied to PCs and NPCs - a little bit of everything!

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Update 29.08.2011:

For all the users of "Animated Prostitution" who experienced problems with my mod, there's an alternate compatibility esp just released by grifs15. you can download it here:


Endorsements/Kudos for grifs15 if you like it! ;)


Sari-December's Pose Pack


This mod adds 50 custom, static poses that can be applied to PCs and NPCs.

This is the first release, I'm planning to expand the mod further and further. Everybody's welcome to come up with requests, they maybe get incorporated into the next update! :)


How to use:

1. Enter third person camera ("F"-key or mousewheel)
2. Open the console ("^"-key) and type in "tfc"
3. Type in "player.playidle sdxx" [xx = number of pose (01-50)]
4. To apply the poses to NPCs, open the console as described above, select the NPC
with a left mouse click, that his name appears at the top center of the screen.
Type in "Playidle sdxx.
5. To reset the character, either call up the pose a second time or type "playidle reset"
6. That's it!

For fans of the Gaijin4koma also known as "reaction guys" I included the 4 infamous memes in the gaijin1-4 poses, have fun!

For reference see the image section as well as my profile's image-upload section!


Installation Guide:

Download the zipped archive, open it with e.g. 7zip and extract the files to your Fallout3/data directory. Open FOMM or the "Data Files" tab in Fallout Launcher and place the checkmark next to "SariDPoses.esp". GO! :D

UNinstallation Guide:

Delete SariDPoses.esp and the folder meshes\characters\_male\idleanims\SariDPoses.


Bugs & Issues:

The only thing I noticed is, that the poses won't work with "Fallout 3 Re-Animated" and every mod that alters the weapon-holding animations. I mean ... it won't let you ctd but it looks kinda silly!

Also, this mod somehow causes conflicts with Animated Prostitution. Since I'm not willing to give any support for AP for aesthetic reasons, no patch for this will be done by me! I hereby grant a general permission for everyone who's willing to do a patch to do so, as long as my core files are needed and proper credit is given!

If anything else should show up, let me know!


Tools used:



Thanks to:

- My wonderful girlfreind for love, support, feedback and inspiration
- c2552 for his awesome tutorial (without you I couldn't hace done it)
- Backsteppo for the ready rigged skeleton mesh (yay)
- vancleef, Druuler, Ultrajet, humannature66, Sandormen, ta1ki, BlackRampage, Winterfall, MRCartman, olafreinhardweyer, 5746, LostRider, bla5 for following, endorsing, inspiring, requesting and all that! THANKS GUYS!!! (Sorry to everyone I forgot!)



Don't upload this anywhere else without my permission, which much likely won't be given in any event!