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The Dash\'s Lightning from Fallour:Equestria Forgotten Light, now useable in Fallout 3

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Unless explicitly stated here, permission is NOT granted for anyone to make a port of this mod for Fallout New Vegas.

The Dash's Lightning was a blade commisioned by the main character in FOE Forgotten Light. The blade is now avalible for use by "The kid from the vault".

This mod uses the katana from Zeta as a base so Zeta is required for this to work.

If you need help finding it then just tell Dogmeat to go wait for you somewhere, not like there are alot of options for him to wait at.

to install just extract the files to your data folder, no need for moving files out of a folder in the zip like some other mods.

Credit does go to Lauren Faust for making My Little Pony Friendship is Magic such a great series to inspire the main Fallout:Equestria story that my sidestory takes place in the world of.

Megamod based upon Forgotten Light is in the works, voice actors(male and female), modelers(capable of making fallout models), mappers(worldmap currently in the works), Texturers. all needed please e-mail me at [email protected] if interested in helping with the mod.