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Neck chains to conceal the seam on male and female characters

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Chains that conceal the neck seam for male and female characters, also wearable by companions. There are four types, gold, silver, copper, and iron. High poly count so they may cause lag in some systems.

Requirements: none. Tested with the Type3 female and Breeze's male bodies. Will probably work with other body types, but I haven't tested them.

This is a port of the same mod I made for Fallout New Vegas.

Installation: Unzip to a temporary location and drop the enclosed Data directory into your default NV directory. For Windows 7:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\

Check the esp: FO3NeckChains.esp

To uninstall, delete files associated with the mod. Hope you remembered to look at what you unzipped.

Location: There are two of each chain in a box sitting on the porch of the boarded up ranch house on the hill across the street from the main entrance to Springvale Elementary.

I made this using game resources to free it from the necessity of obtaining secondary permissions should anyone like to use these in their own mods. Free to use, modify, or adapt for your own purposes, just a mention in the credits is all I ask.

Tools used:

Thanks to Bethesda for the game