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This compilation features six of my mods _ A Ranger Shack, two completely different versions of Hunters Ridge, Megaton Jail and Safehouse, The Dockside Inn Resort Edition, and 4 Campsites.

Permissions and credits
g62 Housing Compilation

There are no special requirements or instructions. Just load 'em up in the usual manner.

Place esp files in your Fallout3/data directory. Validate and checkmark.

1. The Dockside Inn and Resort
One of my most popular mods ... so I'm gonna screw with it. Actually I've listened to your helpful comments and placed three npc's about the place to give it a lived in feel. As before, my abilities with npc development are very limited but each has ai structured to Dockside. In the end if you don't like them there just click on them and enter "disable" w/o quotes in your
console. Only one is essential so please run to protect them from the mirelurk attack even before getting the key.

The included A-frame cabin has to be seen to be appreciated with an accessible loft, 'working' stove, boat stall, and, like the Inn, 'real-time' views out all the windows.

With a nice location on the lake by Arefu, this will always be my second home with or without companions. If this is your first time with this mod - check it out carefully.
There are lots of switches and nice lighting effects. Speaking of which - the outside table candles are linked to the dishwashing shack light. Most other exterior lights are at the main circuit box in the hall leading upstairs to the owner's loft.
****KEY**** is in the utility shed's toolbox.

2. Ranger Shack
You can live outside the walls of Megaton and still be within a stone's throw of it to keep yourself in the action. Only my second try at modding (my first effort, The Silo, is long gone in case you were wondering), this one's nice for a change and for wasteland environs in place of cityscape. Check out the new communications shed.
****KEY**** is in a hollowed out rock sitting on the bottom log at the south end steps.

3. Megaton Jail and 101 Safehouse (formerly "Megaton Pokey and the Diggs" - I was going for a 70's drive-in movie feel to the title, but few caught on.)
About the only changes here is that it went through the cleaning process with FO3Edit and this updated file includes much needed relocks on certain doors and the cell. Note: the door must be physically open (not just unlocked) for relock to work.I like this structure if just to have it there. The Megatoneers seem to move about it freely as if it were open-house (though, as mentioned above, with this update you now have more control on that front). And some of you liked it for your full-time home...the quarters below the jail that is. This update also creates sleeping space for you and two companions. Beside the redesigned sofa sleeper, the upper bunk is now usable and the lower bunk is "player" owned for "well-rested".
It's located across from the water treatment plant.
****KEYS**** are in the mailbox just outside the jail and the cell door key is in the desk. Otis will appreciate you letting him out for awhile.

4. Campsites (of the Wasteland Conservancy -ie.WC4campsites)
Given short shrift on its first run - you can now fast-travel to all four sites and nuts to the quests (though you can still attempt the hike if you choose). And I fixed a rather nasty hole in the landscape that eluded me the first go'round. The warning still applies whether you hoof it or fly there: lots of beasties ready to pounce - go with gun at the ready.
Great locations for exploring the far reaches of the wastes and still having a place to duck in. I go camping every chance I get.

5. Hunters Ridge v3 - the homestead
Excerpt from "The Diary of Shannon Leary":

With the thought of marking a game trail I suppose, this tiny sanctuary invariably appears simply as a dot on the crudely pieced-together maps of many a wanderer I've encountered. Already having plotted my course westward I now give my home of this past winter a more fitting notation for having saved my life. I inscribe the name long given to these giant outcroppings in the northern foothills that undoubtedly spared it from the terrible destruction I've witnessed below. And I know that I will someday return to "Hunters Ridge".

A log cabin (built log by log) located in a most interesting part of the wastes. Up from Megaton - as far north as you can go on your map. No key required.

6. Hunters Ridge V4 - the ranch
After Shannon Leary's departure from Hunters Ridge, an industrious character by the name of Osgood Monk traveling under the protection of a hunting party happened upon the highland home. A man with big ideas for making caps, he immediately saw the possibilities for a thriving cattle ranch in this naturally protected, somewhat isolated, yet vast location. With bravado and a well-laid plan he then approached the money lenders at Dockside Inc. in DC and with them co-signing the notes proceeded to realize his dream. Monk was later killed by unknown assailants, the herd driven off, Dockside Inc. went belly-up, and Hunters Ridge remained as before - only a lot bigger thanks to Monk's tendency to excess. (The last time I was there
I noticed three of the brahmin had returned to their familiar grazing grounds apparently winding their way back down from a north ridge escape. Monk was still dead.)

Located in the same place as V3 so don't run them together - just east (to the right) of Oasis.
****Key**** is in the toolbox next to the anvil in the shed which is behind you as you arrive via the fast-travel marker within the compound.

All homesites outside of Megaton are map-marked in your pipboy. Each has its own personality and use even though you will certainly recognize they're made by the same person.


One issue for FO3Edit users (of which I'm one) for "The Ranger Shack":
If you change the esp file into an esm file by running FO3Edit's master update on your mods, the navmesh generator will change the status of the portal triangle and your companions will no longer be able to follow you in or out the doors. Yet nothing else seems to be affected. My recommendation: keep it as an esp files just as it is. (I've worked days trying a workaround for this due to my love for FO3Edit and came up empty. I now remove the file to a safe location before running master update and reinsert it afterword. Seems to work without a problem on my end.)

Also related to the use of FO3Edit: The remaining seven of these files will appear as "esm" files posing as "esp's" in FOMM - which gives a 'warning' to that effect if you click on that mod in FOMM. It has no effect or consequence but is a natural by-product of the 'master update' process in FO3Edit. It does mean that if you intend to alter these particular files in GECK for yourself, you'll have to get them back to esp status by using "Master Restore" first.

In Hunters Ridge V4: the two torch repositories don't make any sound when you "open" them to place and light the torches. I guess the game didn't like me turning a portal into a light switch and wouldn't accept my sound files for them. I used them anyway because they looked right.

Users of "Enhanced Weather" mods of any kind (of which I'm one) will find rain, snow, and dust come through the roof and walls in all but two of these mods - Ranger Shack (not the shed) and the main cabin in Hunters Ridge v3 (not including the seperate bedroom). This is a by-product of building in an external cell in GECK so you can actually look out the windows. My solution to
this immersion-breaking occurrence is to simply uncheck the weather mod for awhile when I'm using those 'real-view'
housing mods. Personally I think it's a good trade off. You may think otherwise.

If you use "Greenworld" or some other landscape altering mod, don't hold me responsible for any bushes or trees that tend to grow or extend where they shouldn't. With "Greenworld" I notice the big pine I put in has been changed to some other variety whose branch comes right through the wall in Hunters Ridge V4. There's no way I can accommodate that.

to Bethesda for this great game of "Fallout 3"
To FO3Edit for helping it come together cleanly.
BlackRampage for support - technical and otherwise

Though not a requirement for my mods to work, I regard this as a "must-have" to fully appreciate any mods you might have where color and light play an important role. Get

and to anyone interested in modding or to anyone who experiences crashes in their game due to conflicting mods, there is an invaluable tool available to you:
F03Edit -

and its simple to follow, indexed training manual -
Both are highly recommended.

That's it.
Later and take care all,

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