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Adds a new Unique Assault Rifle named the Zebra Carbine. The Zebra Carbine boasts a custom texture, mesh, and improved stats with fire enchantment.

Permissions and credits
Zebra Carbine Version 1.1
by Mattatatta


The Zebra Carbine is an experimental weapon created by L.O.B. Enterprises.
The weapon is based on the US Army's R91 Assault Rifles, and features higher
durability and damage. The mounted scope and silencer provide an edge in
close quarters, covert operations, and in recon.

The biggest feature however, is that the weapon boasts the same ability as the
earlier Zhu-Rong Pistol: It fires incendiary rounds.

The Zebra Carbine wasn't produced in large numbers, but all authorised
personnel, including the C.E.O., once possessed the new weapon.

Detailed Information:

Yet another Unique Weapon based on "Fallout: Equestria"!

The Zebra Carbine is a weapon found by Lil Pip while scavenging through the
Four Stars building, which bears a striking resemblance to F3's L.O.B. Enterprises.

Upon discovering the C.E.O.'s office, Lil Pip manages to pick a lock to a weapon
cabinet. Inside, she finds a scoped, silenced Assault Rifle with Zebra stripes on the
wooden parts of the weapon. It was not until later that she discovered that the weapon
was fused with magic, allowing the weapon to enchant each bullet with an incendiary

The standard damage is only a few points higher than a vanilla Assault Rifle, but the
fire enchantment adds to overall damage. Couple that with the silencer and one has
a deadly weapon when handled efficiently.

The weapon can be found in the C.E.O.'s office in L.O.B. Enterprises, in the East Wing.
It is in a locked gun cabinet requiring 75 Lockpicking, or a certain key...

Version 1.1

This update increases Base and Crit damage to 18, instead of 10. This is because most
players collect this weapon when they have access to more powerful weapons, making this unique weapon almost useless.

With increased damaged, hopefully the Zebra Carbine shall be a more tangible option, while still remaining balanced.


Extract the contents of this .zip file into your Data directory.
Open FOMM (you do use FOMM, right?) and check the ZebraCarbine.esp
Load Order doesn't exactly matter.
Toggle Archive Invalidation for good measure.


Remove the .esp and the Zebra Carbine folders in the Weapon folders of
both meshes and textures directories.

Skin and Model by Bethesda
Edited by Mattatatta
Inspired by "Fallout: Equestria", written by Kkat
Thanks to MOCKBA and profnewbie for offering their help when the file was bugged.