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Wasteland Whisperer allows you to interact with animals in completely new and different ways! By ordering them around, mostly.

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Wasteland Whisperer adds three new perks, allowing you to interact with animals in completely new and different ways! By ordering them around, mostly.
Version 2 requires FOSE v1.2+
Version 2 also makes pet dogs, Yao Guai and Pack Brahmin available for purchase in shops, and gives you the ability to calm hostile animals by throwing them food; no longer need you live in fear of Albino Radscorpions as long as you have enough molerat meat to bribe them with.

The perks are:
  • Wasteland Whisperer
  • You have an unnatural rapport with nature. With a little food for a lure, you can persuade friendly critters to follow. Each rank allows you to tame leaner and meaner animals, starting with Molerats and Pack Brahmin, and scaling all the way up to vast packs of Dogs or roaming Giant Radscorpions. They'll follow you without hesistation and fight for you without wages.
  • Deathclaw Dominator
  • A level 20 perk, you can fit mind-control helmets made of conductors and sensor packages to any Deathclaw you sneak up upon. The helmet goes through small energy cells at a prodigious rate when in combat though, and woe betide you should they run out.
  • Octologist
  • Your unhealthy fascination with our eight-legged friends has allowed you to learn to move amongst them (Scorpions and Mirelurks) unmolested, mostly to allow you to tame them.
  • Animal Friend Changes
  • Animal Friend is changed to be a Level 2 perk to allow you to play a beastmaster character right from the start of the game.

  • Veteran Veterinarian: Use your medical skills to administer stimpacks to pets to rouse them from death, or dose them with drugs to provide permanent benefits- as long as you don't get too greedy...

Co-op Compatibility with

Followers from all three mods will follow the same group commands, heal each other if appropriate, and work together.

Don't rehost without permission.