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The Enclave\'s research into cyborgs and Deathclaws has resulted into this.

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=====Project Jackson=====

An Unmarked quest involving a Possible Companion and another Enclave Bunker to loot and shutdown.

- Updated -

New file containing missing glow map added by scoobyFO3
Thank you!

-What this mod does -

Well in short: it explores why the Enclave kept Deathclaws in stasis and why they have verious technology and robots in stasis aswell. This is a possible idea mod that, with help could expend upon.

Rightnow, the besic concept I am trying to attain here is..

1. You enter a Small Enclave Research Bunker witch doubles as a outpost aswell as a Top Secret Cybertronics Lab whitch does research on Deathclaws.

2.You fight your way through the bunker full of Enclave Soldiers and Scientists untill you come across a Deathclaw cage with a unknown suprise in it.

3. You unlock the cage with a key your suppost to find and find a docile but heaverly technolised Deathclaw looking at you as if waiting for Orders. You then decide weather or not to have this creature tag along with you.

All dialogue is unique, but only "Follow, Wait, Fire and open Inventory" available currently. I would need help on this to expand it further.

This Bunker is ment to further the control on Deathclaws from just putting a head piece onto them into full blown controllable Killing Machines.... literally.

With Body Armor of the same type used by the Enclave Adv Power Armor Mrk II, they hope to perfect the already promising Deathclaw Soldier Program.

There is a caged experiental Subject under heavy guard ready to be taken back to Raven Rock for further study, at this stage, its waiting for orders from anybody to everybody. It has yet to have the proper input.

His designation is "Project: Jackson" or "Jackson" For short. (Called it Project: Jackson because deathclaws are originally Jackson's Cameallions.)

Note: The Model used for the Deathclaw is from the
"New creatures ressource" collection created by tumbajamba.


The cheast plates are all texture glitchy, indictating missing textues I cannot find nor were included with the Mod. If anybody can find or perhaps create a new set, please forward them to me or atleast tell me where I can get them.