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Adjusts the placement of 3000+ objects (flying rocks and such)

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Sialivi's Object Placement Fixes v1.1
I discovered this old .esp while spring cleaning my computer and decided I might as well release it.
It was made ages ago and I have no current plans to keep working on it. These are things that were meant
to become part of Quarns Unofficial Patch but only a handful actually
did before he went missing.
This .esp tweaks the position of various, mostly static, objects. It doesn't delete or add anything.
Most of it is nitpicking like rock clusters that aren't quite properly grounded.

There is some overlap with Quarns Unofficial Patch, but since it's only object placements it shouldn't
be a problem.

Changelog v1.0 -> v1.1
The only difference is that it's been cleaned with FO3Edit, thanks to Psymon for reminding me.

Installation / Uninstallation
No special install/uninstall steps are required.