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Alt + Tab Fix and Crashes Fix, this uses a special Fake Fullscreen Mode, that allow Fallout 3 or New Vegas to run without any Fullscreen issues. Full autodetection.

Permissions and credits
Fallout Fullscreen By BUDA20

*** From now on I will be continue my development
on this new program:

GameCompanion - Alt Tab Fix Gamma Screenshots and more

This program run Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas in "Fake Fullscreen mode".

. Fix Alt + Tab (Instant switch) (at least one window needs to be open for "alt tab to it")
. Alt + F4 (Instant close)
. Improve Performance, reduce shuttering
. No crashes due a full-screen issues
. Alt + PrintScreen send the image to the clipboard
. 100% compatible FOSE, NVSE, 4GB (Moded Fallout3.exe and fnv4gb)
. 100% auto-detection
. 100% auto-configuration

This mod is intended for everyone, and can be a good boost and stabilization tool for the game.

And a great tool for mod developers.


1: Put the Fallout_Fullscreen.exe file in the same directory as Fallout exe.
2: Run the game using Fallout_Fullscreen.exe

Uninstall: simple set back fullscreen in Launcher Options, and run the game as usual.
Changelog: at the bottom of the description.

Contrary to popular belief, I recommend to use Windows Areo enable.


You can add the mod as a Non Steam Game, if you want to run the game from the steam window.
But this is not needed, as long as Steam is running, you can run all versions directly from Fallout_Fullscreen.exe or the shortcut or pin icon.

Fallout Mod Manager (Integration, not needed but recommended):

1 Run FOMM
2 Press in Settings button
3 in the last Tab, in Custom Launch Command, put the exe name Fallout_Fullscreen.exe

Icon & Access:
After put the file in Fallout exe folder.
You can Drag to the Taskbar in windows 7 to pin the icon.
Or creating a windows shortcut.
fose nvse or steam are automatically detected.

Mini FAQ:

Why this?
Because this make Fallout runs 100% compatible to other programs, you can use ALT+Tab without any delay.
Even run programs like Taskmanager on top of the game, or msn chat windows, GECK, gpu-z, etc
Is proven that Fallout runs more stable in that way.

Why this mod, there are other scripts that do the same?
Not like this, auto-detection, full automation, detection of fose or nvse and 4GB mods.

Tips about shuttering and smooth game play:

Prerender frames or Flip Queue Size.
Has an important impact on the games, specially in the shuttering.
And can behave different between cards and drivers.
But, If you don't got smooth game play is worth trying.
The value that work best for me (And I mean A LOT OF DIFERENCE) is in 0 (zero)
HD5870 using RadeonPro to put Oblivion and Fallout on zero Queue,
this apply the same to NVIDA and is called Prerender or frames ahead.

For some people, Disable Desktop Composition, can reduce shuttering too
But can Introduce Tearing.

Any Issues?

Please comment, any feedback is welcome.

I can't Alt + Tab
You need to left open another window, for example a folder, if you forgot, use control+alt+del to open task-manager, and try again. (FOMM works perfect to do that)

The mouse pointer does not appears when alt+tab to other application
Go to the bottom of the screen and click, like trying to click the task bar, the mouse appears again.

I cant WinKey+Tab to use Aero effect (only Vista and 7)
This effect cant be started in Fallout, first alt+tab to other window.

Brightness, Contrast and Gamma Correction
In game Gamma does not work in this mode, there is a perfect tool for that.
Fix using Gamma Panel: download link -> http://majorgeeks.com/Gamma_Panel_d2796.html

Blurred textures, you see like blur 5 meters in front of your character
That's because Anisotropic filter fails to work in this mode (For some videocards/drivers)
To Fix this issue, force anisotropic at Driver level in your driver control panel, or by adding the exe's that run to your profile program.
(Remember Anisotropic is NOT Anti-aliasing, don't force anti-aliasing in Fallout, choose it from the game/fomm options)

If you using Stardock themes
It seems to be necessary to adding FalloutNV.exe or Fallout3.exe to the Exclusions list in Stardock MyColors (reported by xombie37)

I want to deactivate fose or nvse or 4gb mod
If you run the mod direcly:
.Add a minus sing in the file name, example: rename fose_loader.exe to fose_loader-.exe, and that's it, is no longer loaded.
If you use FOMM:
.Choose the File, Launch Game, and choose what you want.

Black bar in the bottom of the screen
Update your Fallout_Fullscreen.exe to the latest version.

If manual configuration is required
This ONLY apply if you don't have write access to FalloutPref.ini
(if is not intentional ask how to fix this)
First try to set Windowed mode in the game options and the same resolution as your Desktop

This can be done also in Launcher Options or FOMM

or in (My Documents Fallout 3 or NV) FalloutPref.ini

For example change this parameters:
iSize W=1680
iSize H=1050

And set windowed changing this to 0
bFull Screen=0

Please report any troubleshooting you need to perform, or the rate of success of this mod, good feedback is very useful to all.

Let me know if it works out of the box too.

Fallout 3: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=16001
New Vegas: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41381
Oblivion: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=38800

This is my first Mod on the Nexus, I hope it will be useful.


Fallout_Fullscreen Changelog:

*** v 2.2 ***

.Removed Steam Community in game added in v2.0
It will be added in future release.
Steam compatibility is working fine.
Can be used in any version of the game.

*** 2.1 ***

.Fixed: Loop condition in Steam version of the game

*** 2.0 ***

.Steam games now compatible
.Faster game load and detection
.Blocking user input is not longer needed
.Prevent the taskbar for been visible on top of the game
.Prevent the mouse for see both, windows and game pointers
.Fixed: FalloutPref.ini not detected in non English systems
.New detection system now more accurate
.Detection: if the game is already running (and it give you focus again)
.Detection: Steam, if is running or not (for the Steam version)
.More robust way of achieve Fake Fullscreen
.More compatible in slow computers (if Fallout takes time to load)
.Windows on the primary display are minimized to prevent interference
.New Vegas version now has his own icon