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Fixes some bugs/exploits in The Pitt DLC: avoiding item confiscation, an infinite conversation loop, and an incorrect icon.

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This is a collection of a few bugfixes I did for The Pitt, handily assembled into one package. This hits most of the big ones, at least that I could deal with.


So where to start. Ahh yes, first and foremost is the entire ''lose your stuff'' routine when you enter The Pitt proper. There are two issues here. The first is, obviously, that you can bypass this routine entirely using a VATS exploit (attempting to punch a guard on the catwalk). Doing so allows you to completely skip the conversation with Mex, and enter The Pitt with your full compliment of weapons.

However, that's not the end of it. If you aren't quite quick enough after using the VATS exploit the game will lock your controls and attempt to force a conversation between you and Mex. This leaves you trapped on the catwalk, unable to move, while Mex attempts (unsuccessfully) to reach you. The only way out of this is to re-enable your controls with console commands or reload from an earlier save.

Now, once you're inside The Pitt there's another odd bug with a forced conversation between Jackson and Midea. If Jackson is somehow killed before the conversation happens it will constantly re-initiate, or attempt to. This results in Midea saying the same line over and over and over again, followed by Jackson's dead body magically appearing and then disappearing.

Finally, the last bug this fixes is fairly minor: Ashur's Power Armor doesn't use the correct Pip-Boy icon.


To fix the exploit which allows you to bypass the confiscation routine entirely, the entry routine now accounts for situations where you enter The Pitt without talking to Mex. In this case it treats you the same as if you'd chosen the ''say you want to join the Pitt Raiders'' dialogue option: you are ambushed immediately on entry, and your stuff is confiscated there. To prevent further bugs, the forced conversation trigger with Mex is disabled at this point.

If you attempt to use the VATS exploit to bypass the forced dialogue with Mex, but still trigger it while on the catwalk, the game will now forcibly move you down to the street level so Mex can reach you.

Although it might be a bit jarring, Jackson is resurrected if he is somehow killed before his conversation with Midea. I would have preferred to go some other route, but unfortunately the game doesn't provide any other option. The conversation MUST be with Jackson, and it MUST happen.

Finally, Ashur's Power Armor now uses the custom Pip-Boy icon which was created for it.


If you exploit around Mex's forced greeting and are ambushed, the routine where Midea rescues you can sometimes go a bit pear-shaped. While the dialogue is spoken correctly, Midea will be shown sneaking away from you, rather than hovering over your face. This just looks a bit weird, but doesn't have any impact on gameplay.


- If the player is on top of the catwalk when Mex tries to talk to them they will be automatically moved down to the ground level so Mex can initiate conversation.

- Bypassing the initial conversation with Mex entirely will cause the player to be ambushed upon entering the Downtown area. The forced conversation with Mex will then be disabled.

- Killing Jackson during his conversation with Midea will no longer result in an infinite conversation loop.

- Ashur's Power Armor now uses the correct Pip-Boy icon.