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A collection of my custom animations for Fallout 3

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v 2
mod first published 03.16.2011
current version published 05.23.11

Rogue Hallow(tm)

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05.23.11: A rough draft of the Pump-Action Shotgun Animation Package is now available for download!

These attack and reload animations are intended for use with pump-action shotguns. To use, install the package and select "Attack 7", "Reload I", and "Two-Handed Rifle" for your target weapon in the GECK.

As this is a rough draft, there are some issues, including:

* No 1st person reload animation (yet!)

* No shells visible during 3rd person reload

* No proper jam animations

* Head needs slight adjustment in some animations

* Minor thumb clipping during some animations

These issues will all be addressed in time. Keep an eye out for updates!

Feedback is welcome, encouraged... hell, it's demanded. If you download these animations, tell me what you think!


RH New Animations is a collection of animation packages meant to add new holding, attacking, and reloading visuals to Fallout 3. They are offered as stand-alone downloads and installs, and do not come with .esp or .esm files to implement them. Try RH IronSights for fully-implemented animations and weapon models.

Currently there are two animation packages available:

* Vertical Foregrip (WIP) is a handgrip animation intended for weapons like Tommy Guns or assault rifles with SOPMOD-like attachments.

* Pump-Action Shotgun (WIP) will ultimately contain new attack, reload, and jamming animations for Pump-Action Shotguns.

For instructions on how to use these animations with your own mods, please see the Readme file included with each package.


* Schmazer Handgrip: as seen in everyone's favorite sci-fi tv show, Space Journey!

If you have any suggestions for new animations, please Comment or send me a PM.


03.20.11: I've decided to hold off uploading the PA Shotgun animation until the 1st person reload is finished, so it may take me another day or two. Please stay tuned! [UPDATE: The rough-draft PA Shotgun package is now available.]

03.16.11: The first new animation set has been uploaded! Check out the Vertical Foregrip, also know as the "Tommy Gun Grip".

If you have been using my previous version of the Tommy Gun grip from another mod like RH_IronSights or Book of Earache, please update, as I have improved the animation and removed that nasty kink in the wrist.

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming Pump Action Shotgun animation set, due later this week!


To use the animations from this page, you must follow these guidelines:

1) credit Rogue Hallow on your frontpage and readme;

2) contact me with a link to your mod, so I can see (and most likely endorse) your work;

3) do not upload these files to any site but the Nexus without my express permission; and

4) your mod must not in any way feature the harming of children.

No assets from Fallout: New Vegas have been used in the making of this mod.