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**these can be found on the newvegas section of the nexus as well Uploading them here as per request for those that do not own or use the New Vegas section

**Read the other included document before posting complaints please**

Name: Riven1978's Famous People
Date: 04MAR11
Category: Face/Head, Models/Textures, MODDERS RESOURCE
Author(s): Riven1978
Requirement(s): Facegen Exchanger for Fallout 3: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4094
Fallout NewVegas: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36471 For New Vegas

This is not a Mod, but a Modders Resource. I have put together in one location a lot of Famous (I.E Actors, Actresses, Models, etc) people in the form .FG files (FaceGen). If you do not know how to use the Facegen Exchanger Program then do a search on Google (one good tutorial is here http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?/topic/202645-creating-si-facegen-characters-tutorial/). This is not a tutorial, nor will i teach you how to do it >.< NOTE~ I do not use the textures when i do them most of the time since i like the face textures of different mods.

You will need the FaceGen Exchanger. I have compiled these from various sources, including creating some of them myself. I am making them available because i know a lot of people do not have a full version of the Facegen Modeller program seeing as how it is about $300 US dollars (I bought it for use in school, so i have the full version, so YES i can make them. However, a lot of celebreties do not transfer over through Facegen very well and some do not even look like the intended Person.

In Pack 2-6 i have included more then one of the same person in some cases, for security that hopefully at least one will work for your needs :)

Again, You MUST use Facegen Exchanger to get these into your game. There are other uses for them as well (i.e Making new NPCS, Making masks, Etc.)

Um not able to that i am aware, unless you redo it with a different face :)

None Known

Known Issues or Bugs
Only issue i will state is the fact that not all of these faces will look exactly like the person you wish it to without some slider work, because of the Facegen system used in game. This is my final touch on the topic

Pack 1.0 - Initial Release includes:
Alessandra Ambrosia - Done By Me
Alyson Hannigan - Done By Me
Alyssa Milano - Done By Me
Amanda Bynes
Angelina Jolie
Anna Friel
Anne Hathaway
Barack Obama - This one was listed on request, I do not support the Communist, nor do i wish to hear your thoughts on the matter.
Brad Pitt
BRITTANY SPEARS - Very similar to the one below
Britney Spears - Very similar to the one above
Brittany Murphy
Bruce Willis
Carrie Fisher
Catherine Zeta Jones
Charisma Carpenter
Charlize Theron
Christian Bale
Christina Aguilera
Christina Applegate
Christina Hendricks
Clint Eastwood
Demi Moore
Drew Barrymore
Eliza Dushku
Emma Roberts - Done By Me
Famke Janssen
Gary Coleman
ggirl - Not a famous person but i really liked the facial texture so i included it
Gillian Anderson
gotj2 - Not a famous person but i really liked the facial texture so i included it
Heather Graham
Hilary Duff
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Connelly
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jeri Ryan
Jessica Alba
Jessica Biel
John Travolta
Josh Holloway
Julia Roberts
Kate Beckinsale
Kiera Knightly
Kirsten Stewart
Linda Blair
Liv Tyler
Lynda Carter
Megan Fox - Done By Me
Melinda Clarke
Mike Myers_Dr Evil
Milla Jovovich
Natalie Portman
Orlando Bloom
Pam Anderson
Patrick Stewart
Rachel Weisz
Riven1978 - Yes that is me ;) , c'mon yes i am famous :P
Ryan Renyolds
Scarlette Johanson - Done By Me
Sean Connery
Shirley Manson
Teri Hatcher
Valerie Bertinelli
Winona Ryder

Pack 2 includes: all of the below FG's were done by me
Angelina Jolie 2.fg
Arnold Schwarzenegger.fg
Beatrice Rosen.fg
Bill Murray 1.fg
Bill Murray 2.fg
Bruce Campbell.fg
Cate Blanchett 1.fg
Cate blanchett 2.fg
Dianna Argon.fg
Dwayne Johnson.fg
Elizabeth Hurley.fg
Eva Mendes 1.fg
Eva Mendes 2.fg
Gemma atkinson 1.fg
Gemma atkinson 2.fg
Halle Berry.fg
Heath Ledger_Joker.fg
Hugh Jackman.fg
Jason Statham.fg
Jennifer Garner.fg
Jet Li.fg
Katie Cassidy 1.fg
Katie Cassidy 2.fg
Katy Perry.fg
Keely Hazell.fg
Kiera Knightly 2.fg
Kim Karsdashian 1.fg
Lucy Pinder 1.fg
Lucy Pinder 2.fg
Mary Louise Parker.fg
Megan Paul.fg
Mel Gibson 2.fg
Mel Gibson.fg
Monica Vitti.fg
Monika Jagaciak.fg
Neve Campbell.fg
New Folder
Nicole Gill 1.fg
Nicole Scherzinger.fg
Penelope Cruz 1.fg
Penelope Cruz 2.fg
Rachel Ray.fg
Salma Hayek.fg
Sarah Michelle Gellar 1.fg
Sarah Michelle Gellar 2.fg
Shannon Elizabeth.fg
Summer Glau.fg
Taylor Swift.fg
Terrence Hill.fg
Tyra Banks 1.fg
Tyra Banks 2.fg
Uma Thurman 1.fg
Vin Diesel 1.fg
Vin Diesel 2.fg
Viva Fabre.fg

Pack 3 Includes: All below were done by me unless otherwise stated
Adrein Brody
Al Pacino
Alison Lohman 1
Alison Lohman 2
Bear Grylls 1
Bear Grylls 2
Charlie Sheen
Clifford Harris_T.I.
Danny Trejo 1
Danny Trejo 2
David Tennant 1
David Tennant 2
Denzel Washington
Dunno - I can't find her Name >.<
Earl Simmons_DMX
Emille Autumn
Eva Longoria
Francesca Annis
Hayden Panettiere
Heather Mason - Done by Bakafool
Jill ValentineCG
Jill ValentineCG2 - Done by Bakafool
John Cleese 1
John Cleese 2
Kat Dennings
Kelly Brook
Kyle MacLachlan
Laura Vandervoort
Margaret Denise Quigley_MaggieQ - Done by Bakafool
Mila Kunis 1
Mila Kunis 2
Mr T
Patrick Stewart
Paul Walker
Ray Stevenson
Sean Young
Sylvester Stallone 1
Sylvester Stallone 2
Tupac Shakur
Zooey Deschanel

Pack 4 includes: all of the below FG's were done by me
Albert Einstein
Allison Stokke 1
Amanda Bynes 1
Amanda Bynes 2
Anthony Hopkins 1
Anthony Hopkins 2
Bridget Fonda
Carey Mulligan
Cary Elwes 1
Chris Rock
Claire Danes 1
Claire Danes 2
Claire Forani 1
Claire Forani 2
Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick_Vitamin C 1
Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick_Vitamin C 2
Craig Ferguson
Dane Cook
Dean Martin
Denise Crosby 1
Denise Crosby 2
Denise Richards
Diana Morales 1
Diana Morales 2
Diane Lane 1
Diane Lane 2
Emma Watson 1
Emma Watson 2
Fabio 1
Fabio 2
Faith Hill 1
Faith Hill 2
Frank Sinatra
George Clooney 1
George Clooney 2
Jack Black 1
Jack Black 2
James Earl Jones 1
James Earl Jones 2
Johnny Cash 1
Johnny Depp 1
Johnny Depp 2
Jordan Capri
Katie Holmes
kelly brook 1
kelly Brook 2
Kurt Russell 1
Lance Hendricksen
Laura Lansen
Liz Vicious 1
Liz Vicious 2
Lucy Liu 2
Lucy Liu
Marty Feldman
Mel Brooks
Michael Dorn 1
Michael dorn 2
Misha Collins 1
Misha Collins 2
R Lee Ermey 2
R Lee Ermy 1
Rachel McAdams 1
Rachel McAdams 2
Riley Keough
Roberto Benigni
Rosario Dawson
Samuel L Jackson
Shakira 1
shakira 2
Shania Twain 1
Shania Twain 2
Stephen McHattie
Stoya 1
Stoya 2
Stoya 3
Terry Farell 1
Terry Farell 2
Tom Hanks 1
Tom Hanks 2
Tom Waits
Val Kilmer 1
Val Kilmer 2
Will Smith 1
Will Smith 2

Pack 5 - Pack Includes: (Pack 5 is being released very early for two main reason 1. look how many there are hehe if i waited till friday can you imagine O.o 2. I really need to work on some of my other requests/mods >.<

Adam Baldwin
Alan Tudyk
Antje Traue
Ben Browder 1
Ben Browder 2
Bizzy Bone 1
Bizzy Bone 2
Bizzy Bone 3
Bob Dole 1
Bob Dole 2
Charisma Carpenter 2
Claudia Black 1
Danica Patrick
David Carradine 1
David Carradine 2
Devon Ako 1
Dwight D Eisenhower
DJ Quik 1
DJ Quik 2
Eddie Murphy 1
Eddie Murphy 2
Edward Khil
Emily Van Camp
Emma Pierson 1
Emma Pierson 2
Fairuza Balk 1
Fairuza Balk 2
Gina Torres
Gwen Stefani
Harrison Ford 1
Harrison Ford 2
Hilary Swank 1
Hilary Swank 2
Ice Cube 1
Ice Cube 2
Jane Fonda
Jane Russell
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer O'Dell
Jewel Staite
Joaquin Phoenix 1
Joaquin Phoenix 2
John Candy 2
John Candy
Jon Stewart 1
Jon Stewart 2
Joseph Kucan 1
Joseph Kucan 2
Juice Newton
Justin Bieber
Kate Winslet
Katherine Heigl 1
Katherine Heigl 2
Katie Gill
Kevin Costner 1
Kim Basinger 1
Kim Basinger 2
Kobe Bryant 1
Kobe Bryant 2
Krayzie Bone 1
Krayzie Bone 2
Kyoko Fukada
Lacey Chabert 1
Lacey Chabert 2
Layzie Bone
Lebron James 1
Lebron James 2
Lee Van Cleef 1
Lee Van Cleef 2
Leonardo Dicaprio 1
Leonardo Dicaprio 2
Lexi Belle
Linda Hamilton 2
Linda Hamilton T1
Lindsey Lohan
Lucy Hale
Marilyn Monroe 1
Marilyn Monroe 2
Martina McBride 1
Martina McBride 2
MC Eiht 1
MC Eiht 2
Michael Jackson - 80s look
Michael Jackson - Childhood
Michael Jackson - Modern look
Michael Jackson - Teenhood
Micheal Clark Duncan 1
Micheal Clark Duncan 2
Michelle Tarctenberg 1
Michelle Tarctenberg 2
Morena Baccarin
Monica Bellucci 1
Monica Bellucci 2
Muhammad Ali
Nathan Fillion
Orlando Bloom 1
Orlando Bloom 2
Polyna Domai
Rachael Leigh Cook 1
Rachael Leigh Cook 2
Rashida Jones
Ray Liotta 1
Ray Liotta 2
Rhona Mitra
Rihanna 1
Rihanna 2
Robert De Niro 1
Robert De Niro 2
Robin Tunney 1
Robin Tunney 2
Ron Glass
Ron Perlman 1
Ron Perlman 2
Russell Crowe 1
Russell Crowe 2
Sarah La Fountain
Sarah Silverman 1
Sarah Silverman 2
Sean Maher
Selma Blair
Sigourney Weaver 1
Stacy Keibler 1
Stephen Colbert
The Trump 2
The Trump 1
Tori Black
Wentworth Miller
Wish Bone 1
Zach Galifianakis 1
Zhang Ziyi
Zooey Deschanel 2

Pack 6 - Pack Includes:

Alison Carroll 1
Alison Carroll 2
Amy Lee 1
Amy Lee 2
Andy Whitfield 1
Andy Whitfield 2
Bob Denver_Gilligan
Brittany Bindrim 2
Brittany Bindrim
Cillian Murphy 1
David Duchovney 1
Ellen Page 1
Grace Park 1
Grace Park 2
Hayley Williams
Ill Bill_Rapper
Jenna Fisher
Jim Morrison
John Denver
Lemmy Kilmister 1
Lemmy Kilmister 2
Malcolm McDowell_ACO 1
Malcolm McDowell_ACO 2
Marilyn Manson 1
Marilyn Manson 2
Mister Rodgers
Mitch Pileggi 1
Mitch Pileggi 2
Necro_Rapper 1
Necro_Rapper 2
Nicholas Cage 1
Nicholas Cage 2
Olga Kurylenko 1
Olga Kurylenko 2
Ornella Muti
Penelope Ann Miller
Robert Plant_Young
Sam Elliot
Saoirse Ronan
Sean Anners_Adam Montoya
Simone Simmons
Susan Coffey 1
Susan Coffey 2
Tricia Helfer 1

Pack 7 Includes:

Aishwarya Rai
Ali Later 1
Ali Later 2
Cesc Fabregas 1
Cesc Fabregas 2
Clint Eastwood 80's
Cristiano Ronaldo 1
Cristiano Ronaldo 2
Denise Milani 1
Denise Milani 2
Denzel Washington 1
Denzel Washington 2
Denzel Washington 3
Fernando Torres 1
Fernando Torres 2
Girl 01
Girl 02
Girl 03
Girl 04
Girl 05
Gonzalo Higuain 1
Gonzalo Higuain 2
Gordan Ramsey
Hugh Laurie 1
Hugh Laurie 2
Hugh Laurie 3
Iker Casillas 1
Iker Casillas 2
Jeff Bridges 1
Jeff Bridges 2
Jimi Hendrix
Kaka 1
Kaka 2
Kari Byron 1
Kari Byron 2
Keanu Reeves 1
Keanu Reeves 2
Landon Donovan 1
Landon Donovan 2
Laura Bailey 1
Laura Bailey 2
Lena Heady
Lionel Messi 1
Lionel Messi 2
Marisa Tomei 1
Marisa Tomei 2
Marisa Tomei 3
Mark Wahlberg
Melanie Griffith
Olivia Wilde 1
Olivia Wilde 2
Robert Englund Young
Ron Paul 1
Ron Paul 2
Sarah Vowell
Sofia Vergara 1
Sofia Vergara 2
Woody Harrelson
Yuri Lowenthal 1
Yuri Lowenthal 2

Pack 8 includes:

Andy Biersack
Anna Kendrick 1
Anna Kendrick 2
Avril Lavigne
Beau Bokan
Bella Thorne
Billy Mays
Bing Crosby 1
Bing Crosby 2
Bridgit Mendler
Channing Tatum
Chloe Grace Moretz
Chris Redfield 1
Chris Redfield 2
Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Walken 1
Christopher Walken 2
Craig Mabbit
Daniel Craig
Ed Burns 1
Ed burns 2
Edgar Allen Poe
Elvis Presely 1
Elvis Presley 2
Emmy Rossum 1
Emmy Rossum 2
Eva Green 1
Eva Green 2
Fiona Apple 1
Fiona Apple 2
Gene Wilder
Gonzalo Higuain
Jake GyllenHall 1
Jake GyllenHall 2
James May 1
James May 2
Jane Levy
Jon Hamm
Jon Lithgow
Lily Cole
Matt Smith
Morgan Freeman
Norman Reedus
Steve Buscemi
Team Fortress - Heavy

On nexus = http://thenexusforums.com/index.php?showuser=930703
On Bethesda forums = http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showuser=528532
On yahoo = [email protected]

Main Credits
To Singular Inversions for the Facegen Modellers Program
To everyone who has done any of these FG's
To everyone that sends me requests, where i get most of my ideas.
To everyone who enjoys my mods
to everyone who has brought us the Fallout series and additions (Modders/Artists)

Tools Used
Izarc - http://www.izarc.org/
7-Zip - http://www.7-zip.org/
Blender - http://www.blender.org
GIMP - http://www.gimp.org/
NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/
Geck - http://geck.bethsoft.com/index.php/Main_Page
FNVEdit - http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34703
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

Licensing/Legal/Model Credits
Where as these files portray the likeness of famous people, should any of them contact me to be removed it will be done without hesitation (also can i have your autograph ;) ). These were compiled by me from various sources over a period of 3 years (I use them a lot as the base for my characters since i sux at the game facegen) If you see your FG file here and do not wish for it to be included just send me a PM and i will remove it, A lot of them i do not remember where i got them from, but i do know a few came from Oblivion. As of now these are fully a modders resource and can be used as you wish, but i would like to know where they are being used, in case i get contacted to remove them i can contact you as well. Besides who doesn't like seeing their things in actual use :)

Disclaimer - Hitler was included only by a semi-request for something to shoot at and/or blow-up, your use of this face is not up for debate. If you use if for nefarious purposes; may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and may the buzzards of hell pluck out your eyes on a daily basis. That is all.