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Discover Vault 116, one of Vault-Tec\'s untouched vaults located beneath the capital.

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Vault 116

This mod adds a brand-new untouched Vault to Fallout 3. The Vault is located under the capital city with the Metro tunnels used for entry.

The story behind the Vault is the intended inhabitants who received the early warning couldn't gain entry to the Vault due to the Ownerseeker's keycard being damaged. When the bombs fell, the Metro tunnels collapsed, entombing everyone at the entrance.

The Vault is a multi-level fallout bunker which has an elevator shaft connecting all 5 levels. There is an unmarked quest to gain entry to the Vault, which involves searching for a working keycard.

This mod is considered complete. The graphics within the Vault has been updated to reflect the Vault number. The cells have a complete mesh grid for NPCs and uses portals to reduce unneeded rendering on the GPUs. Map markers to the Vault are gained from Vault Tech HQ, Citadel or upon finding the map.

To install the mod, simply extract the files to your \Fallout\Data folder and then in the opening menu, select Vault116.esm file within the Data Files window.

Entrance is under a pile of rubble East of Metro Central, at the dead-end of the street.

Hope you enjoy!