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This mod adds several tweaks to Megaton while attempting to be unobtrusive with the preexisting flow and lore of the game. Changes include new paths to and from your home, ladders to crows\' nests, usable common beds, atom cult podium, and more.

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Contact: Fallout 3 forum or the Fallout 3 Nexus comments section for this mod


This mod adds several tweaks to Megaton while attempting to be unobtrusive with the preexisting flow and lore of the game.


1.28 - Fixed Moira repair hours.
- Added preview of Lucas Simms attic.

1.27 - Fixed Moira twitchiness problem.
- Rigged player house doors to lock when you leave.

1.25 - Fixed dialog problem with Craterside Supply store hours. It works now. I promise.
- Fixed the default navmesh, so the mysterious NPC death problems should be fixed, but just to be sure I also,...
- Turned off NPC falling damage. It's a workaround that I intend to keep until Bethesda fixes the problem with a patch, or an open cities type of mod for Megaton is released and works properly (and two people I know are close to being done, hopefully).

1.2 - Added backdoor hatch to the player's house.
- Moved one Brass Lantern sign because it looked silly near the new backdoor hatch.
- Increased Craterside Supply store hours to 7am to 10pm (previously 8am to 8pm).
- Added ammo to the armory (previously it was pretty pathetic).
- Minor cosmetic changes to previous render and navmesh additions.
- Minor changes to default navmesh (previously it was below ground in spots and hopefully this fixes some of the lost NPC problems).

1.1 - Added functionality to the ladders.
- Added detail to guard post above the city entrance.
- Created a compatible version to work with Praise Atom mod by evilbeefjerky (and theoretically any other mods that change the area around the nuke).

1.0 - First Release


Place Megaton_Tweaks.esp into your Fallout 3\Data folder, and activate it during game start up from the Data Files list.


Delete Megaton_Tweaks.esp from your data folder.


Includes the following changes:
1. Easier access to and from your Megaton house via a new pathways.
2. Ladders to the five crows' nests and entry overlook area. The ladders take you to a great view of the wasteland!
3. Allow the player to sleep in any common room bed.
4. Simple podium for the atom cult preacher.
5. More lived in look to Stockholm's guard post above the city entrance. Also added scrap walls for privacy and tactical cover and locked the fence around the ladder leading up, to keep the kids out.
6. Backdoor hatch complete with ladder, stairway, short path, two deck chairs, and small table.
7. Much more ammo to the armory because it's ridiculous how little there was before.
8. Increased store hours for Craterside Supply; now it is 7am to 10pm, while previously it was 8am to 8pm. Moira loves her job and wants to welcome her lab assistant during more hours in the day!
9. Fixed mysterious NPC death problem.
10. Doors to the player house now lock when you leave. No more worrying about thieves when you leave town.


This is my first mod so I hope you enjoy it! Until I'm satisfied, this mod will keep growing. I plan to add a little wasteland grass for the brahman, add an actual room behind the doors above Lucas Simms' house, and add a small farm and shanty town bordering the outside of the walls (eventually with new plant models, NPCs, and quests). I'm also working on the script to close the jet turbine gate at night, and others are working on a seamless Megaton mod that I will combine this mod with upon its release (improving the view from the towers). I'm also always willing to consider suggestions.


As confirmed by Bethesda, GECK navmeshing is a little buggy, preventing followers from reliably finding their way through user created doors (aka teleports). For this reason I have purposely left this part of the navmesh out of my mod until Bethesda fixes the problem. This will have no real effect other than that followers can't go with you to the town entrance balcony, the crows' nests (not that there's room anyway), and they use the front door of your house instead of the hatch. And if you don't even use followers you won't notice this problem at all.

This mod should be completely compatible with any mod that doesn't also add stuff exactly where I did. This is a very simple mod so I don't expect any major bugs, however, as with any mod you use this at yourown risk.


Please contact me with any issues you encounter.


The people at Bethesda for making such a great game and GECK tutorial.
Fallout 3 Nexus for allowing modders to post their work.
Alexander Strahan (Finist Brightfalcon) for giving me a template for documentation.
The posters from the Fallout 3 forums who answer my modding questions and give me great suggestions and feedback!