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six models with texturess for schematic use. some are more usefull then others.

Plate Thrower
Laser Saber
Acid Grenade

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I have decided to stop modding (maybe I'll start modding New Vegas later but don't know) so I'm putting my latest project here as a modders resource just as my other uploads (I don't seem to be able to finish anything).

This file contanis six models intended to be used as schematic weapons but I don't care how you use it. It also contains a custom projectile, some pipboy icons, a solarcell for use in the Solarschorcher (meant to be found on robots) and sound for the Coilgun and Plate Thrower.

The handle used for the Solarschorcher is ridiculusly bad because that was the last mesh I did, it is still not completely done and I have not tested it.

The weapons are:

Coilgun: A way to fire those railway spikes silently.
Intended ingredients: 1 Camera, 1 Fission Battery, 1 Paintgun, 1 leadpipe

Chipper: A woodchipper at the end of a stick.
Intended ingredients: 1 Woodchipper, 1 Motorcycle Gas tank, 1 Motorcycle Handbreak, 1 Rake

Plate Thrower: Fires red hot plates of death. Comes with a custom projectile.
Intended ingredients: 1 Toaster, 1 Crutch, 1 Iron, 1 Fisson Battery

Laser Saber: Two laserpistols forming a sword.
Intended ingredients: 2 Laserpistols, 1 Fission battery, 1 Wonderglue

Acid grenade: Milkbottle filled with blue acid.
Intended ingredients: 1 Mikbottle, 1 Bottlecap, 1 Box of Detergent, 1 Nuka-Cola

Solarschorcher: Laserweapon that draws power from the sun.
Intended ingredients: 1 Solarcell, 1 Fission Battery, 1 Sensor Module, 1 microscope
(I intended to make all the microscopes in the game abled to be picked up).