DSR-1 sniper rifle by enroger
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Added: 23/11/2010 - 05:06PM
Updated: 25/12/2011 - 08:54PM

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Last updated at 20:54, 25 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 17:06, 23 Nov 2010

Update: uploaded a no bullet drop version in optional file, just overwrite esm.

Update: fixed a small typo in script, thanks to Yakkuz's debugging.

Update3: As popular requested, there is now a .338 lapua DSR-1. In the same old places there is now a .338 conversion kit.

DSr-50 has a slightly different sound thanks to angelazul's find.

Update 2: Fixed the purple DSR-50 bug.

Update: A little birdy told me the talon guys got a DSR-50 and hid it in a locked room...... Ok, Ok, you don't want to go back there, weapon code XX003d43. (***Requires calibre to work!!!)

You may notice in extreme range sniping the bullet would drop slightly as real world bullets do, let mw know if you like it or not. Also if anyone found good sound track of 50cal firing please forward to me as the DSR50 firing sound can use improvement.

German made DSR-1 sniper rifle is one of the most accurate rifle in the world, record at 0.2 MOA (~5mm group at 100meter). The weapon fires .308 ammo, integrated spare mag at the front end, Bull-pup design give it a compact build, meticulous attention to shooter comfort with adjustable stock, this rifle is a marksman's best friend. Rumors said those Talon mercenary got hold of one from the European commonwealth. Time to pay them a visit.

The rifle comes with suppressor kit, it count as indigestible, once used will convert the weapon into silenced version and add a muzzle-brake in your inventory, activate the muzzle-brake will give you normal DSR1 version. Simple.

For those that are scared of the talons, here are the weapon code:
DSR1 XX000ea6
DSRsd XX000ea7
suppressor XX001558
muzzle-brake XX0022A6


Thanks to Alexscorpion for the scope lens resource I used from his M82a.
Thanks to Zealotlees ACR mod's weapon mod kit's script I referenced.
Thanks to Earache42 and Hallowedking for play testing and feedback.
Thanks angelazul for finding and compiling the 50cal sound
Thanks Vusunta for the 50cal sound taken from GhostOpsMod for CSS

The reload animation is not right at the moment, since DSR1 is a bull-pup rifle(mag behind grip). If anyone knows how to make custom animation and want to help, contact me.

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