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Turns the Talon Company into a cyborg faction based on the T 800 model from CrushOverwrite\'s wicked mods I am Robot

Permissions and credits

Regarding New Vegas Porting Of My Mods.

I will not be hosting or creating any ports of my mods to NV.

This is do to the fact that I don't agree with the policies of "Steam" and therefor I have chosen not to install the game.



To everyone who wants to help make my mods run as smooth and bug free as possible.

Please throw as much feedback to me on every little thing that looks bugged or out of place, as all this will assist me in making the mod run as smooth and bug free as possible :0)

As I always say: A mod is only as good as the feedback from its users ^^

Things I'm mainly looking for:
  1. In combat: Does the actors' combat behavior in a negative way appear to stray from that of the actor it replaces?
  2. Are actors set as "dead" or "inactive" by default, in any way distorted or misplaced?
  3. Do the actors properly navigate obstacles, or do they appear to get stuck more often than the actors they replace?
  4. Are you able to properly interact or open dialog with actors and objects this mod replace or add to the game world?
  5. Shifting textures, When coming across actors or objects that are effect by the mod, do texture surfaces appear to "flicker" or sporadically shift?
  6. Any kind of distortion or floating parts?
  7. Confirmed reports of conflicts between my mod and other mods will also be a big help.

Some or maybe even none of the above will be relevant to the mod in question and it's not in any way to say that I'm not interested in getting reports of anything not on the list, it is just some of the more common ones and I say again, any feedback on bugs or errors will be much appreciated.

To begin with people can report any problems they might experience, in the "Comments" section of the mod.

But have I not in one way or another responded to the report, or the problem hasn't solved itself within 24 hours from posting the report, please feel more then welcome to PM me directly, as I at times experience not getting pinged by Nexus when comments have been posted on my mod.




Turns the Talon Company into a cyborg faction based on the T 800 model from CrushOverwrite's wicked mods I am Robot and Cyber Arm__T 800 version and some of the awesome gear from Gopher's Advanced Recon Stealth Gear - Thermal NightVision.

Please be aware that none of the cyborg parts can be looted and worn by the PC as this is not the intend of this mod.

This has been done to preserve the idea of this being cyberkinetic beings and not just humans wearing armors.






4 ). INSTALLATION (General):
Just in case someone don't know how to do this.

Manual Install:
  1. Download
  2. Extract the .ESP and files to the "Data" directory of Fallout3.
  3. Activate the .ESP by "ticking" it in the mod selection window.
  4. Done

FOMM Install:
  1. Download
  2. Create a folder with the mod name and place any .ESP / .ESM along with "Textures" and "Meshes" folders (If any) inside it. (Creating a mod folder is of cause only necessary if the download doesn't already include
  3. such a folder. Should the download contain a folder with the name "DATA" I'd suggest renaming this folder to the name of the mod instead).
  4. Zip the folder containing the files and place the Zip on the desktop for easy access.
  5. Open FOMM and click the button that says "Package Manager".
  6. In the new window click the button that says "Add FOMod".
  7. Located the Zip you just made and double click it.
  8. Once the "Package Manager" is done building the "FOMod", located the mod you just added in the list of mods shown in the "Package Manager" window, once located double click it to install.
  9. When the "Package Manager" has completed the install close the "Package Manager" window.
  10. If the mod you just installed requires a specific load order, remember to double check the mod list in the FOMM main window, to make sure the mod is in the right place.
  11. Done




2011-01-18 - 01:09
New file: Factions - Talon Cyborgs v3 - HotFix01

HotFix for missing texture paths on female lootable TalonC coats.

Install on top of main files and accept any prompt for overwrite.

Sorry 'bout that ^^

2010-12-19 - 22:17
New file: Factions - Talon Cyborgs v3 - FOMM
New file: Factions - Talon Cyborgs v3

This version contains 3 new Talon C armors and a Talon only weapons loadout with 9 new weapons.

The 3 new armors will however mainly be dropping in the Broken Steel DLC and rarely in the main game.

All weapons will drop in both DLC and main game (100%) by the Talons.

2010-12-01 - 17:24
New file: Factions - Talon Cyborgs V2 - HotFix01

HotFix for the head version with the eye-piece, not a must have update.

For now I have been unable to correct the eye-piece, so this hotfix will simply make the alternate head version look like the main one :(

I will have another look at it at a later time to see if I can figure it out.

Would also still like to add even more diversity to the appearance of the NPCs, but as I wrote earlier, I'm still waiting to get call-backs from other modders before I can proceed.

Install the hotfix on top of the main files and accept any prompt to override.

2010-11-27 - 11:04

I haven't had any bug reports for awhile now, so I will no longer note the mod as a tester and only a WIP instead.

I have also been running the mod on my own PC for at least as long as I have had it uploaded here on Nexus and haven't come across any bugs myself either, so it should be fully functional at this point :0)

I however still have some ideas for more things to add, but I am still waiting for some "call-backs" from various other modders before I'll be able to proceed with it (I swear this is the worst part about being a "mod-compiler-modder" hehe xD ).

2010-11-21 - 12:16
New file: Factions - Talon Cyborgs V2 - WIP

Contains all files up to "Update02", plus some new features:

1. NPCs don't smoke.

2. No gore or limb caps (Mechanical beings should not bleed ^^)

2010-11-21 - 12:08
New file: Factions - Talon Cyborgs - DLC03 v1 - WIP

Adds the same features as the main files for the Talons encountered in the Broken Steel DLC.

2010-11-21 - 02:13
New file: Factions - Talon Cyborgs - Update01

See images for info.


Any and all mods that directly changes the Talon NPCs loadout.




All rights for textures and meshes used in my mod are reserved by the authors mentioned below, please refer to the rules of ownership specified on their individual mods.

My .ESP is free to be modified and / or re-used without any permission needed, though credits always warms the heart :0)


10 ). CREDITS:

Cyborg elements:
I am RobotCyber Arm__T 800 version By Author CrushOverwrite

Coats and misc. tactical gear:
Advanced Recon Stealth Gear - Thermal NightVision By Author Gopher

Talon symbols:
Talon Company Xtended By Authors ZombieUK and KDStudios

Mesh and Base Textures Used For:
TC Silenced 10mm Revolver
Classic Fallout Weapons BETA By Author War1982.

Mesh and Base Textures Used For:
TC Combat Shotgun
Classic Combat Shotgun By Authors Lexx & E.

Mesh and Base Textures Used For:
TC Heavy Armor
Advanced Combat armor ACA By Author PROMETHEUS_ts.

Base Mesh and Textures Used For:
TC Assault Rifle
TC Assault Rifle Scoped
TC Laser Rifle
TC Launcher
TC Sniper Rifle
AusTec Weapons models By Author Phoynix.

Also kudos to ElminsterAU for his awesome FO3Edit program, which was one of the main tools used to create the .ESP used for the mod.


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With Best Regards

"Cry havoc and let slip the Corehound of War!"