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This is a re-working of the vault utility hallway nifs.

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I have re-done the vault utility hall nifs and added some new content.

What is done:

1. Re-did the ceilings so that they work in any direction.
2. Re-did the floors so they work better with each other.
3. Replaced the floor with the vault utility floor.
4. Re-built Bethesda's utility fan so that it actually works.
5. Added an on/off version of the fan.
6. Added a sneak-preview of my new doors with blinds.
7. Added a new exit for the vault slide door.
8. Added a new exit for the utility slide door.
9. Re-did the hall end cap.
10.Put it all in an esp so you can check it out. Just look around megatons main gate next to the water bum.


will redo the sound so the sound stops when the fan stops. This will be an esp an nif as the only thing I need do is creat a non-looping sound file and have my nifs point to it.