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Changes the third person aiming to be similar to that in New Vegas, greatly improving accuracy.

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This is a small mod that changes the 3rd person FOV to what it's like in Fallout: New Vegas. This improves accuracy greatly. There is no need for me to upload any images of what the difference is like, because the difference you see on a screenshot is very tiny.

Aiming in 3rd person with this mod is much easier than in vanilla FO3 as I think everyone who has played New Vegas (or already tried this mod) can agree on.

All this mod does is add a GMST-setting that was previously not available at all in FO3 but was in FNV, namely fOverShoulderFOV. The value is set to 55, just like in New Vegas.

There should be no conflicts at all with any mod as this setting is by default not enabled in Fallout 3. However, other mods that change the 3rd person camera might cause issues to the accuracy, but since I don't use any I can't say for sure.