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m200 intervention sniper rifle

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Now a video of the location for the optional .esp.Sorry enroger is busy and I haven't had a computer for a while,hope this clears up the difficulties those of you are having finding the weapon.

Update3:optional esp adds the gun in game without the need to type the code via console,the suppressed and nonsuppressed,both wornout,does replace enroger's file when installed with fomm,don't use unless you don't want to use the console.Where is it?near the mall,mirelurks nesting hole,if you can't find just see the spoiler pics,in user section.I'm new to the geck and just put it in real quick.If you don't like the texture add any of the optional files or the texture from the main file.

Update2: There is now a suppressed version of the rifle in the new file for your sneaky type, type "player.additem XX000ea8 1".
The sound is mixed with real suppressed M200 firing footage found by Arthenon, thanks again mate. I've also beefed up teh suppressed fire muzzle flash, love at first sight/shoot guaranteed.

Update1: The Cheytac M200 intervention now has a Desert Camo thanks to hallowedking's awesome work, big kudos to him! Just copy the content of the optional file into the M200's texture directory.Now with a stealth and digital desert camo.Stealth version has a forest green body,suppressor,and slightly darker scope,digital desert is for the body,scope,and suppressor.Check user images.

nice high poly M200 for your sniping pleasure, it fires .416 rounds, damage set a bit high but don't give me the "G" word. I made this with MMM increased increased spawn in mind, ever enter a area so thick with super mutants like they are attending some time square premier events.....

I haven't placed this anywhere so you'll have to console player.additem XX000EA6 1 to get it

Thanks to Earache42 and Alexscorpion for the M82a resources (clip, scope lens, sound file) I used in my M200.
Thanks cloak174 for his intervention mesh that I modeled with reference to.

just copy everything into place, activate the mod in FOMM

Calibre and xCalibre
xCal shop highly recommended as you'll need loads of .416 for this baby.

This is my first mod, still not happy with the texture, if anyone knows how to make convincing wear-ed look please contact me, I'm a complete noob at it. Will try to make FWE calculate weight for some xCal rounds, wait for updates.