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You get a garbled transmission over your pipboy, and the only thing you gain from it is the coordinates of an 'Interesting location' to visit. You make your way there and find a rusted shack against a cliff face. Upon entering, you are confronted by two Chinese Ghouls who open fire on you, but your day will only get worse... Happy Halloween

Permissions and credits
Nightmare Realm
A Halloween mod for 2010.
by WillieSea

version 1.4 - 4/18/2023
1. More script checks to force player involvment in the story so it cannot be skipped past.
2. Lots of other fixes and additions throughout the mod.

- Fallout 3
- Point Lookout

Please read it before asking questions...

Basic Mod start: Scene 01
You get a garbled transmission over your pipboy, the only thing you gain from it is the coordinates of an 'Interesting location' to visit. You make your way there and find a rusted shack against a cliff face. Upon entering, you are confronted by two Chinese Ghouls who open fire on you with their assault rifles. You manage to put them down and rifle through the shack. Many skeletons from those less fortunate litter the floor along with some supplies. A door in the back of the shack waits for you...
*See the spoilers below in the 'story' if you need more help.

- Two exterior worldspaces, lots of interior spaces.
- Different perks for completing the game and doing 'bonus' things.
- Multi-bonus Perk
1. If you kill all the ghosts, you get the +5% damage resistance.
2. If you find 7 voodoo dolls, you get the limb regeneration ability.
3. If you figure out how to destroy the 'evil brain', you get +1 Intelligence.
4. If you make it out alive, you get Radiation Regeneration where your radiation is turned into health.
5. Blow up the nuke and gain a bonus to your explosives damage.

Known Issues and Caution
1) Tested with game patch v1.7 and Steam version.
2) If you save and then load your game while on the stormy island, the lightning will not flash and there is no storm sounds. Simply go into an interior space and exit to reset.
3) Any mod that uses the QA Test world space.

1. Download the 7z file.
2. Unpack the 7z file and copy all the files and folders "as is" to your game folder \Fallout3\Data\*
3. Activate the mod from the 'Data Files' list on your start menu.
4. Play the game. See 'Starting the Mod' below.
*NOTE* If the textures are purple on objects in the game or have random texture on them:
a) Make sure you have some form of Archive Invalidation installed. http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=944
b) And that you placed the texture in the proper folder as defined above.
*NOTE* If you see a yellow diamond then you did not install the meshes to the correct folder path.

Starting the Mod
After a few minutes of playing your game in the exterior worldspace, you will get a message and a new map marker. 
Head for the ghoul shacks and find the shack near the rock wall.

WillieSea - Entire mod except resources noted below.
Resources by:
InsanitySorrow - Sonic Screwdriver for Oblivion that I converted to FO3
Murfy27 - TARDIS police box models
Bingles - Chainsaw
Kirava2 - Animated Ceiling Fans
WillieSea - Clocks
WillieSea and DaMage - Tardis objects
Ghogiels - Necronomicon
Ghogiels - Brain
Ghogiels - Voodoo Doll
Ghogiels - Holy Hand Grenade
Ghogiels - Cybermen outfit - Used with permission
Chucksteel - Mop bucket, Office letter cubby top
Lord Inquisitor - Brass Gauge
L33Nexus and Kalalokki - Dante's Scythes
Skingrad24, Deathless Aphrodite - Stormy Weather
Unknown - Bookcase Door 3D
Mieimod - Rain meshes
And most importantly to:
Bethesda for the game and construction set.

Play Testers
* WillieSea
* ghoulsrpeople2

Legal and Permissions
- You can re-use any of the scripts or ideas from this mod, as long as you give credit where it is due.
- You may convert it to another language, but you must keep the original English readme file intact and point to the download site on Fallout 3 Nexus.

Version History
Version 1.4 - 04/18/2023 More script checks to force player involvment in the story so it cannot be skipped. Lots of other fixes and additions.
Version 1.2 - 12/05/2010 Follower Fatigue restored, Correct HHG manufature time, Correct perk radiation regeneration only when hurt, shower in bathroom heals 5 hp per second.
Version 1.01 - 10/31/2010 Basic fixes
Version 1.00 - 10/31/2010 Initial Release

* * SPOILERS * *
The "story", a helpful guide:

The Cavern: Scene 02
Surprisingly the back door lead to an underground cave system. Up the short passage I saw more Chinese Ghouls patrolling the cave. After a fierce fight I pillaged the corpses and looted the containers. Another passage lead out the back of that cavern to another much larger cavern. Several more Ghouls were patroling this area. Two buildings dominated the cavern with Chinese Ghouls coming and going. After a fierce fight I finally managed to cap all of them and loot the buildings. Another passage lead out the back of the cavern.

Capture: Scene 03
The back tunnel wound around this way and that, finally coming to a boarded up passage. I got close to the barricade and decided to rig a fragmentation grenade to blow the boards down. After setting the grenade I backed away before the boards were blown through the air. Behind it I found a locked metal door. Easily picking it, a utility passage was beyond it which I cautiously walked down. Before making it very far something droped from the ceiling and unable to back away in time it exploaded in a flash of light, dazing me where I fell to the ground. A moment later an odd looking scientist with blood on his lab coat and an eye patch walked up to me. Explaining that I looked like a good subject, he barks out an order to someone called Igor to come and drag you back to the lab. It was then that I fell unconscious...

The Nightmare begins: Scene 04
I 'woke up' on a deserted island during a thunderstorm with nothing but some casual pre-war clothes on. I could see an old victorian style mansion in the distance and a broken Aviary to the right. Exploring the Aviary I found a knife with which to arm myself with since I could hear dogs barking in the direction of the house. Exploring the left side of the island following the lighted posts I found a trail leading down the cliff to the ocean. At its end was a door leading into a cave and once inside I could hear the sound of dripping water and see small radroaches which were easily dispatched with the knife. At the bottom of the passage I could see what looked like an ammo container in the water next to a skeleton. I felt lucky when I found inside it a number of fragmentation mines. Not knowing what lay ahead I set a few of them on the ground as a trap since the knife was not much of a weapon. Rounding a corner I saw an apparition of a ghoul weilding a scythe coming towards me! I high-tailed it past my laid down traps and heard the mines go off behind me accompanied by the death cries of my would be attacker. Looking back I watch as the apparition vanishes before my eyes along with that glorius weapon. Sad at the weapons disappearance I head back to the chamber where the ghost was to find a skeleton laying on the ground with the real weapon it once held. It's now mines! I spot a lever on the left cave wall and decide to pull it but nothing seems to happen. Shrugging my shoulders I spot a faint light across a small pond so I swim across and find a safe with an odd looking voodoo doll inside among other useful items. I can only wonder what happens if I were to 'use' the doll but decide to try that later as I am sure it will work well against my enemies.
Leaving the sea cave I use my new scythe to easily kill the dogs. Re-entering the destroyed Aviary I notice a floor block has slid back revealing a secret bunker entrance, probably opened from the lever in the cave. Inside I found some supplies and a tool bench where I made a few extra weapons from the recipes I know. I then spot a strange device, a sonic screwdriver, which I take since it might come in handy later. And behind the couch was a sachel with belt bags which I equipped, this would help me carry more parts and weapons I come across in this strange land.
I search around the mansion and find more miscellaneous parts in trash piles, crates, and laying about the landscape. I also collected all the fruit I could find. You also learn to not stay in the ocean too long as it becomes explosive!
Down the right side of the island I found a dock with a sunk boat that contained a first aid kit which I looted.
On the beach at the back of the island I found a strange blue box with a flashing light on top. The Sonic Screwdriver I found in the bunker made a noise upon trying to get inside and the door opened! Inside the box I starred in wonder as it was much bigger on the inside than it should be. I found a control console and flipped a lever and the machine came to life. Searching the interior I found some more supplies and another workbench. One of the levers even made a sniper rifle and combat armor appear on an end table. After some time watching the numbers on the wall count down to zero the machine stoped and according to the monitors I was now somewhere else...

Cyberman Control World: Scene 05
Upon exiting the blue box I saw a Hunter's house to the left across a creek with supplies and a hunting rifle. The hunters were friendly enough and I figured they might help me should there be any trouble in this land.
Down the left side of the creek I found Mirelurk's and their cave. I used up some of my frag mines to kill the mirelurks and searching inside the cave found a silenced pistol and more mines.
The center path, a street with broken houses, wound its way up to a Cave in the left cliff face. After another fierce fight, this time with something called a Cyberman, I entered the cave. Dispatching more Cybermen inside I came to a control room where I found a red key card which I took. I made sure to loot Cyberman corpses for their energy weapons. The control room also had a safe which with some difficulty I opened to find an amazing weapon, a .32 calibur sub-machine gun that fires explosive rounds!
Up the right valley riverbed in the deep pond at the end right below a burning torch I found a Secret Cave hidden under the waterline. After swimming through the submerged tunnel I had quite the fight with the Mirelurk King! After vanquishing him I reluctantly drank some of the radioactive water to healing myself. Now that the cave was safe I found several ammo crates under the water, a sniper rifle, a pistol which I used to repair my silenced pistol, and a missile launcher with a few missiles! There were also some strange golden chrome balls that fell from above, perhaps some sort of grenade? There was another one on the broken stalagmite in the center of the pool. On the way out, I found some radaway at the bottom of the submerged tunnel, which was a lucky find after ingesting so much radiation!
I then continued up the valley and after dispatching more Cybermen I entered a cave with the Cybermen's vault before me. I used the keycard to unlock the console and opened the vault door to be greeted by more Cybermen. After dispatching them I looted the shelf and set the nuclear bomb to explode and fled back to the Tardis. But on the way I you ran into more of the Cybermen! I had not counted on that slowing me down on my fast retreat but I finally made it back to the Tardis with only seconds to spare and I started the machine up again. After a short while when the machine stopped I saw on the monitors that I was back at the original island.
Back at the Haunted Island I opened the Mansion door knowing that I had finished all the tasks the island had to offer.

The Dark Mansion: Scene 06
I found myself in a cell, this must be the real world again. With the first experiment completed and a mighty headache, the Mad Scientist arrives again and knocked me out again.
I woke up inside the mansion this time. Searching the room I found myself in I quickly find and grab a key on the table which opened the interior doors. Inside I found Chinese ghosts! Another battle ensued, as least I had all my gear back which I had already re-equipped.
I soon found out that only the doors on the right side of the mansion will open. Upon opening some double doors I saw a strange pre-war room with party guests. But upon entering the room things quickly changed...
Climbing some stairs I followed the strange "stiches in the ceiling" to the end. Moving back where I came up the stairs I ran into the Pint Sized Slasher.
Upon his death, my vision faded once again.

The Dark Mansion: Scene 07
Once again I was back in a holding cell and soon the Mad Scientist arrived and knocked me out again.
Back in the mansion the left doors were now open to me. Exploring I found a strange book where the cover had a demons face that actually moved! I took it anyway.
After dispatching a lot more of those Chinese ghosts I found myself upsairs where upon opening some double doors I saw a man with a white mask and an axe buried deep into its back. It turned around and saw me, the unmistakeable sound of a chainsaw starting up!
When Jason finally fell to the floor, my vision once again went black...

The Dark Mansion: Scene 08
Once again I was back in a holding cell and soon the Mad Scientist arrived and with glee in his voice he knocked me out again.
And again I found myself back in the mansion. Searching around I found more ghosts and found that the basement door was now open. Descending the stairs to the basement I saw an evil looking glowing brain in a vat. When I approached it the book I found flew out of my hands and exploded on contact with the vat, which split the brain in two.
I did not see any evidence of being able to explore further but there were strange levers on the supporting posts. That is when I noticed arrow plaques at the top of each beam, which indicated which direction the lever should be in. A lever on a post by itself then opened the bookcase doorway, leading to another room and more ghosts.
Upon entering a utility passage I felt a cold chill run through my body and a Deathclaw appeared behind me! I ran down the tunnel and opening a utility door I came face to face with the Mad Scientist! Using the voodoo dolls stunned and burnt my enemies allowing me to quickly dispatch them!
When the Mad Scientist finally fell, my vision once again faded...

The Escape: Scene 09
I again woke up in a cell, but something was different this time, I heard a somebody yelling and heard explosions! Alarms sounded and I found that my cell door was unlocked. I was about to exit my holding cell when a ghoul came down the hall and killed another prisoner and I knew I would be next if they saw me. I started sneaking and when the ghouls back was turned I went towards the lockers that were to my left, perhaps there was some gear in there I could use to defend myself and escape! As luck would have it, one of the lockers contained all my gear, what luck!
I battled Bertha and Igor, the ghoul servants, some protectron guards as well as finally the real Mad Scientist!
Looking around, I set the repair robot to start repairing the generators. It looked like if I could get this place operational again I could use it as a base as well as making more of those precious Holy Hand Grenades!
I also found that standing in the bathroom showers would quickly heal my health.