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Shaders that make the game look bit nicer by adding extra bloom and color correction

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UPDATE: Decided to upload ones i use as i made a change or two and it works good for me. Again You need to extract it to Fallout 3 folder, start game and press SHIFT+F12 to enable.Then SHIFT+F9 for color correction. To de install delete two files you added and go to options in launcher to re-detect you GPU.. Ok that's it.

I downloaded HyperSnap so i'll post example pics. They will be from my Their World mod so if someone wants to upload Vanilla F3 that would be great. Thanks

PS: Dunno if pics really show it off but basically you get much more "volume" and.. direction to light. Best as i can describe.

This is not my file or something i changed. I simply want to put a link to some great shaders you can use to enhance Fallout 3.

LINK: http://enbdev.com/index_en.html

Simply Extract to Fallout 3 directory, it shouldnt overwrite anything. When in game Press SHIFT+F12 to enable bloom, and if its too much SHIFT+F9 to correct colors. I use both as its darker and fits my mod. Only bloom gives off a fantasy feel.

Also cant post pictures as its shaders and they don't get saved on pics with print screen it seems..