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Adds an energy weapon that uses the same projectiles as the Mirelurk kings

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Greetings folks

This one is mostly the same as http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1163 by Vampirecosmonaut

It adds an reskinned Mesmetron that uses the Mirelurk King's ranged attack.

Dam: 35
Ammo: Energy Cells
Eff: -50HP; -10PER

For now: Free to take from the Counter of Craterside Supply

Copy files to your Fallout3\Data folder
Activate .esp in the Data Files menu in the launcher.

The texture doesn't work right (see screenshots:e.g. the Front shouldn't glow like that)
Would be grateful if someone could help me with that (me<--noob)

Fell free to do whatever you please with this