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Last updated at 12:44, 22 Oct 2010 Uploaded at 11:42, 18 Oct 2010

An new version of Rayek's Mini Hideout in Springvale with seperate Kitchen-Bathroom area and an armory with integrated item sorter.

be sure to remove items from original hideout before uninstalling the original before installing m64minihideout

the mailbox has moved a bit. it still is in springvale.


- bigger, seperate kitchen-bathroom area with more storage.
- bigger armory in the mainroom with more storage
- enhanced Item Sorter terminal with ingame configurable exception, supply, garbage and to sell list
(based on scanadd5000 by BEArbiter http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=9149 )
- changed lights
- added deco stuff
- enabled sex change on all mannequins

fixes (or not really)
- replaced katana display case by the jukebox since the texture bugged depending on the viewing angle (even with FO3masterupdate done and ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated!.exe is activated.).(you can find the katana in a weapons storage crate)
- fixed bug with aquarium window

- maybe some stuff doesn't work as in original file

==========Sorter Notes===============
Nearly all non-Quest Items will be sorted.
weapons, apparels, aid, misc items, ammo
confiure: - an exception list for items you don't want to be sorted.
- a garbage list: items will be sorted to the garbage can.
- a to sell list: sends items to a Sell Crate
- a supply list: get ready for combat in one click.
use the portable devices if you are sick of teleporting round the wasteland
- sorting device: sort your inventory straight from any dungeon to your armory
- supply device: run out of ammo or meds or forgot to supply at home -- no problem
- selling device: access the Sell Crate from anywhere in the world

no items should get lost.

========Install notes============

1- uninstall rayek´s minihideout mod first

if u got items stored in it
launch game and load a save
remove all items of containers to your inventory
exit minihideout to Wasteland
save game
exit game
uncheck minihideout (by rayek) in fomm
lauch game, load last save, and save game again, exit game again (i dont know if this is useful but it's safe)

2- extract to your fallout3 folder

3- check m64minihideout in fomm,
check M64minihideoutGOTYplugin (optional) for item sorter to work with DLC stuff

(3a-perform a FO3MasterUpdate, read known issues for further information)

4- launch and load.
Menu music may keep playing while loading and when ingame.
enter pipboy choose a radiostation and switch radio off again
may only happen on first load, once you saved a game it shouldn't happen anymore

Load order: After all your .esm files

If any of your textures are not working and showing up with a red "!" make sure you are using ArchiveInvalidation found at:

========COMPATIBILITY & Requirements ===========
requires fomm and fose
M64minihideoutGOTYplugin requires all 5 DLC (contains only formlists for sorter)

if u have some modding skills u can create a plugin for every mod or DLC which adds tons of weapons, armor or any items.
put them in one of the formlists. there is at least one for every container. some aren't used

Incompatible with:
Rayek's original minihideout
CMF's Mini Den: as it occupies the same entrance space.
Megaton Quests Mod: Quest giver stands on top of Hideout.
Bobbles may not work with FWE alternate intro.

May also not work with other mods that use the gas station in Springvale.

==========[Known Issues]==========

-If you are having problems crashing with the MiniHideout please see the following mod: FO3Edit by ElminsterEU

This fixes Megaton, random, load or save crashes most of the time...

Steps for use:

1. Download FO3Edit
2. Copy the FO3Edit.exe to desktop
3. Rename to FO3MasterUpdate
4. Open up FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager) and check the mod
5. Click the FO3MasterUpdate.exe with FOMM still open (then close window when it says it's finished)
6. Launch Fallout 3 through FOMM.

You do not need to install the esp that comes with FO3Edit. And you will need to do this each time you install a new mod.

-HK416 SOPMOD will disappear if dropped. Don't do it!
-Hidden Terminal Enable/Disable forcefield will sometimes not appear for some users. (use console ~ and click on forcefield and type "zap" for now)
-Can jump out of environment opposite side of hidden terminal
-If car appears above the switch for the hatch...blowing it up should allow access.
-Waterfall seems to tear the katana graphic slightly
-Bobbles may not work with alternative FWE intro
-Doors in Hideout clip a little
-Flickering at the base of Mannequin Displays

big thanks to rayek for the original Mini Hideout found here

big thanks to BEArbeiter for his wondeful kick-a** itemsort scripting base found here

thanks to lost misery for his garbage incinerator in his his bunker72mod

to all the people who were implicated in creating the original mini Hideout by rayek
(from rayeks original description)

-Big thanks to Miss Sparkle for her Display fix and undying
support. Sometimes that little spark of encouragement can go a long ways. Appreciate it! :)
(sorry if it doesn't work in m64minihideout and removed the display)

-Thanks to Wyked for all his scripting work. Katana
Stand, closing doors, light switches, re-locking safe,
sorters and more. Co-author extraordinaire...

-CMF's Mini-Den mod was my basis and I thank him for
giving me a great foundation to work with.

-Thanks to Tftrashcan and Darkfiregaming for making a great video.

-Thanks to TehFreeman for voicing and doing ALL the work on C.H.R.I.S. the computerized Butler. As well as helping test it.

-Thanks to munkeenuts and dcpuser for the combo effort on the HK416SOPMOD.
Original mod by munkeenuts found here:

SOPMOD by dcpuser found under HK416 SOPMOD:
(mod was down when I tried to find link)

-Thanks to Rendan for all his suggestions/help/testing.

-Thanks to Skykappa for his Classic Nuka Cola
refrigerator and Pristine Vending machine texture. His
mod can be found here:

-Thanks to Malo for his Aquarium mod that can be found

-Thanks to necKros for his Katana mod found here:

-Thanks to AndyW for his Mannequin mod found here:

-Thanks to Coneman for his mod called "Bathroom"

-Thanks to Orophin for his Water Purifying script. His
awesome hideout can be found here:

-Thanks to 1337s0u1 for being super awesome and solving
the Area affect Rad Removal Jacuzzi and maintaining it. Never thought it would get done.

-Thanks to Mr. Eaton for his light misalignment fix and
Bobblehead Display design ideas.

-Last but not least thanks to the Bethesda team for
making a great game.


If you want to use this mod or parts of it publicly all I ask is that you inform and credit all the people involved in making the original possible
(including Wyked and Ryked).

For use of C.H.R.I.S. anywhere outside this mod you must contact TehFreeman on the Nexus and get his explicit permission.

THANKS to all who take the time to download and check this out.