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Adds the Saiga-12 shotgun to FO3 in place of the Combat Shotgun and Shotgun Traps. Includes a well-made custom model and weathered textures.

Permissions and credits
This replaces Bethesda's combat shotguns and shotgun traps with a Saiga-12, which is a self-loading, 12-gauge AK. Because this is modeled with an 8-round magazine, i lowered the capacity in-game to eight as well. Hopefully someone will model a SureFire magazine or ProMag drum someday so we can have a 12-round Saiga-12. On the bright side, i increased the item's hit-points to account for its AK ruggedness. This will fire at 1.5 shots a second, just like the "vanilla" combat shotgun. An optional mod to make Charon's combat shotgun a Saiga-12 is included.

I was so keen on doing this because i was sick of my combat shotguns operating on fantasy physics. I'd love to see a cut-away animation of how Bethesda's combat shotgun actually works internally.

:What's new
2012/01/23 - The gun was clipping too much into the shoulder formerly and just looked too big, so i shrank it by 19/20ths, which effectively took a couple inches off it. I have removed the 5-round-magazine version until i find out whom to credit for it (any leads would be appreciated). I put the overrides to Charon's combat shotgun in a separate ESP in case my improvements cause him to give it too much preference over other weapons. I figured out why the original bump-map wasn't working (the alpha channels were in reverse order) and included it in this version. I lowered the magazine capacity from 10 rounds to 8 because realism.

:This Saiga-12 is also available through
Panzers Mass Overhaul
Fallout 3 Redux

Saiga mesh: lez0 / smoothing, edits, collision: Luguberos *
Saiga skin: S_Cream_Err, Fantom Oblivion
Idea and supervising for original model: BarbAn
Additional help: xStream
Shotgun trap mesh, shotgun shell mesh: Bethesda
Compiling to Fallout 3: Luguberos

* A.K.A. Schreiter, A.K.A. Beros


Copy or extract the \Data folder from this archive to your \Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3 folder, and then in FOMM, check Saiga-12 Combat Shotgun Override.esp. You could check the other ESPs in addition, but only if you have the relevant DLCs, or if you want Charon to own a Saiga-12.

Any mod that overrides shotgun traps (if any), the Combat Shotgun, Charon's Combat Shotgun, The Terrible Shotgun, or the locations of the Combat Shotguns in the game (i had to un-tilt them) will be in conflict with this. This has not been tested with the ironsights mod.

The Saiga-12 is one of a series of Russian-made rifles and shotguns derived from the AK-47. These are nowadays readily available in the US, where they are customized extensively. I find it plausible for a Saiga-12 to be in a Fallout game because the divergence of our timeline from the Fallout timeline happened in 1945--only two years before the first AK-47 was finalized--and because the US and the Soviet Union had good relations in the Fallout timeline.