About this mod

Unfinished beta MOD with multiple missions with armor/clothing/weapons/followers/enemies/areas and scripted battles.

A final 0.6 update to simplify mod & attempt fix bugs+CTD problems is now available.

Permissions and credits
Operation Mirai Beta 0.6e
Please be aware this mod is incomplete and now discontinued with no plans for further development.
The mod does feature a sizable amount of battle missions that are playable even with the large amount of bugs. There is a unresolved CTD/freeze issue. Check requirements on files to increase stability.

Contains three mods:


"Operation Mirai" quest focuses on two factions "Talon Company Contractors" and a small "JSDFDC" detachment of the stricken JSDF Mirai Navy Frigate stranded in DC during the great war.

The enemy is a determined, well-trained Para-Military Guerrilla faction of raiders originating lower south continent looking to conquest the remains of America.

The guerrilla learn of the large supply in "JSDF Mirai" and successfully capture the outer area of the Navy frigate base. You mission is to eliminate the guerrilla presence in the area surrounding the base. The enclave provide "unofficial" support by providing "Talon Company Contractors" to assist the battle.

Install (Into "Fallout 3\Data" folder)
Operation Mirai.esm
Operation Mirai.bsa

Requires Fallout 3 GOTY (All DLC)

Mission Structure

- Full follower navmesh support
- Scripted mission battles.
- Higher demand mission and difficulty.
- Two dedicated Follower companies Rena & Linda in Tactical Jam TMAS gear.
- Customized Talon Company Contractor Weaponry & Gear.
- Customized Guerrilla Raider Gear & Weaponry.
- New enemy variation to battle.
- New Interior & Exterior areas.

Quest Test Mission Area

Travel to South-east to Rivet City where "Collapsed Tunnel Bunker" is shown on map.

Mission Flow

Quest Scripting is incomplete. For mission flow reference is :

Mission Start -> Travel to Collapsed Tunnel Bunker and clear of infestation.
Mission 1 -> Retake Frigate Bunker Entrance.
Mission 2 -> Defend Frigate Bunker Entrance.
Mission 3 -> Enter Frigate Base Interior & Locate base.
-> Enter Captain"s Quarters to enable "Rena" Follower Trigger Script. OR
-> Enter Breakout Room to enable "Linda" Follower Trigger Script.
Mission 4 -> Find alternative entrance to Abandoned Factory Building and clear enemy presence.
Mission 5 -> Enter Fairford Hotel.
Mission 6 -> Tower Entrance
Mission 7 -> Sky Scraper Enclave Power End.

Unfinished Test Missions

Mission Port City Assault -> Assault the captured port city from the guerrilla.
Monorail Hijacking -> Reach the end of the train and disable the nuclear device.
Mission Military Train -> Reach the engine train and disable with explosives.
Mission Military Outpost -> Protect the Talon Contractor outpost from organized guerrilla armored attack.
Mission Mercury Station - > Space travel to Mercury to investigate lost contact with space station.
Mission Island Assault - > Worldspace test only.

Dynamic Music

OM uses activators to enable dynamic music through the levels. Normal music will still play. To disable normal music turn on radio station or JSDF radio station for mute.

Ammo/Weapon Dump

All items can be found hand placed/in container in custom interior of "Talon Company Camp" (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Talon_Company_Camp). Code for security door is "682".