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This mod brings a MUCH better Enclave Invasion to the Capitol Wasteland.

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Welcome to More FORTified, also known as FORTified---er Enclave Edition. This mod upgrades the Enclave Occupation/Invasion of the Capitol Wasteland into something a little bit more… formidable. By that I mean that I have improved upon the dinky little forts scattered across the Capitol Wasteland, and turned them into a very impressive series of army bases. Most Forts were upgraded into something a little bit more impressive while others… I left alone after deciding that there was little I could do to improve them. I also added several larger instillations to deal with logistical concerns that Bethesda never fully addressed, and which dealt specifically with pursuing large scale military campaigns. Translation… I added fuel depots, infantry encampments, communications instillations, and artillery bases. This mod was meant to be played after Dad dies/ died at the Purifier. This is because I suck at scripting and don’t know how to trigger the Forts to appear after that specific trigger. Therefore, its just plug and play. The inspiration for this mod was a game called, “The Saboteur.”

Fort Raven Fist: Fuel Depot
Fort Tilton: Artillery Base
Fort Thunderbird: Artillery Base
Fort Shanxi: Fuel Depot
Fort Goldberg: Vertibird Corps Base
Fort Grimjaw: Vertibird Corps Base
Added 20 plus Guard Towers (Non-Fort Affiliated)
Improved Raven Rock Exterior
Added Resting Convoys: (5 in all)
Added Roadblocks: (7 in all)
Added Enclave Communications Center: (1 in all)
Added Rocket Pads: (3 in all)
Added Stalled Enclave Troop Train: (1 in all)

This mod requires: Operation Anchorage, Broken Steel, and Point Lookout
Future Plans: I intend to eventually come back and add more guard towers and road blocks.

Instillation: Normal

Glitch Report: I never added the ability for you to climb to the tops of all the patrol towers. If you experience any crashes, adjust your GECK Custom ini. This was the main cause for errors during testing, even then it only effected mod development. Also, a new LOD is needed, but that's only if your picky.

You have my direct permission to alter, or enhance any part of this mod without asking me directly. Just mention me in your credits.

What Would be Cool: Scripter’s please… Make a quest and sabotage script for blowing up stuff for the Brotherhood.