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Some growing collection of retexture works. for now, silver\'s house, fence, and small tweaks to the wasteland rocks.

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Mimezu Texture project Ver. 0.2


I really like the overall textures in the game, only I think that some of them are too blurry and less detailled than others. It especially caught my attention when I jumped on Silver's house roof and saw a very blurry chimney. I thought that It might be a good occasion to try myself at some retexturing.

I don't have too much time on my hands so I don't think I will end up retexturing a log of things, but I will add some things to this pack in the future.
Especially the doors, since you have to see them close when you open them, they could use some higher resolution :)

Don't expect brand new textures, my goal is to keep almost exactly the feel of vanilla Fallout, just adding more details, upping the resolution of some textures and reworking some normal maps or things like that.


1. Extract the archive in your data folder

2. Edit your archiveinvalidation.txt (or create it in the directory where your fallout3.exe file is located) and add those lines :

//(for the first pack)


//(for the cave sandy ground addon)


//(for the wooden boards addon)


3. set bInvalidateOlderFiles=1, in you Fallout.ini


Version 0.1: Initial Release. The destroyed ranch is completely retextured, some seam issue is fixed with the stonewall texture, some tweaks to the normal maps, some more details there and there. Textures rescaled from 1024 to 2048 for the color map (one only texture has everything inside it, that's why it was quite blurry to begin with) and the normal map upscaled from 512 to 1024.

Version 0.2: I reworked some more the destroyed ranch textures. I redid the normal map for the wall part from scratch, it is much better now, really showing the dents and holes as they should (look at the screenshots). I also fixed a normal map issue for the roof, in vanilla's version the shadows created by the relief on the roof were not in the right spot (look at the roof screenshot).

I retextured the destroyed fence, upscaled the texture from 512 to 1024, I think it is quite watchable now, when the vanilla's version was a really messy blurry soup :)

I also had a first try at retexturing the wasteland rocks. the texture was already 2048 so I didn't upscaled it, then the changes are quite subtle, maybe unnecessary, I don't know.
But since the rocks were already very good, I don't think they need much. I have a 4096 version on my game wich is somewhat better, but I don't think it is really necessary,
and it is really eating memory :p I will try to enhance those rocks more in the future, but I don't think I can really add much more with the 2048 size. Anyway the changes I made are subtely noticeable in game, it adds a bit more dirt, dents and grain to the rocks that were maybe just a bit too clean ...


I reworked the texture for the sandy ground in caves / metro, etc ... I thought that this one was really blurry and since you often see the ground closely ...

I've uploaded two versions, one is 1024x1024, same as vanillas's version, but still much more detailled, and another is 2048x2048 with even more details. Download the rar corresponding, unpack it in your data folder, and add those informations to your archiveinvalidation.txt


Now those planks we see on the screenshots would really need some love, they are quite ugly :p

Since I'm still changing things here and here, I'll add the new textures in small packs like this one for now. I'll update the whole archive later in a few weeks when I'll have a bigger texture collection. This way you won't have to download everything everytime I make a new one :p


A new addon is available. I reworked some of the wooden boards in game, the original texture was extremely low resolution (one only 512x512 texture with 5 different boards on it !).
I upscaled it to 1024x1024 and added several details.

as usual, unrar in the data folder, and add those lines to archiveinvalidation.txt :


In real life I am a concept artist and illustrator, and I always wanted to try some texturing work. Don't hesitate to PM me here.
Oh and if you want to see my illustration works, don't hesitate to have a look at my website :