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Increases the range at which gunfire can be heard. Now you can hear NPCs fighting each other from greater distances.

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Gunfire Sound Range Increased (GSRI) increases the range at which gunfire can be heard by around 60%, depending on the weapon. This was done by editing the sound properties of each gunfire sound in the GECK.

A good way to notice the difference is outside the Farragut West Metro Station (you can quickly reach it with the console command 'coc FriendshipMetroUtility' and then go outside). There you can witness a fight between Raiders and Super Mutants, with the Super Mutants standing on a ledge on the opposite side of the water.

When you're on the Raider's side of the water, you can't hear the sounds of the super mutants shooting their assault rifles and miniguns. Just the sounds of the bullets hitting things. With this mod however, you can hear it.

Here is a video demonstrating the difference that this mod makes:


Because this method of increasing the sound range requires editing the sound properties in the GECK, it will not automatically increase the sound range for all weapons. Weapons from mods that add their own sound IDs will not have their hearing range changed. Add-ons would have to be made for those.

I intend to create an add-on for the Broken Steel DLC in the future if it's necessary (I don't know how many custom weapon sounds it has), the others don't really need it.

I will not be making add-ons for FOOK, FWE or any other mods that add new weapons (I don't know if they add custom sounds by the way), simply because I don't use them. At the end of the readme is a simple 'How I did it' section that explains what I did, so you can create your own add-on for your favourite weapon adding mods.


GSRI would be incompatible with mods that change the sound properties of weapons. I don't know of any mods that do this, as there is not much worth changing in there.

This mod is 100% compatible with mods that change the properties of weapons themselves, and with all sound replacers.

I recommend loading this mod early in your load order.

Wrye Bash users: You can merge this mod into the Bashed Patch completely if you want, meaning you'll save an esp slot.