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Fixes Gary 23\'s race in operation anchorage.

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This is a stupid simple mod that I think is helpful immersion-wise to the game.

What this mod does

In a nutshell: vanilla FO3 dead gary in outcast facility was black, this version makes him white just like all the other garys. Before you yell "RACIST!!!" they're all supposed to be clones :P

How to install

Put the lime in the coconut and...ok not really. Just extract the .esp from the rar and put into your data folder and activate using FOMM. If you don't have FOMM, get it.

How to uninstall

Uncheck the .esp and delete from your data folder. But why would you uninstall a mod that fixes this?


YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE OPERATION: ANCHORAGE ADDON FOR THIS TO WORK!!! I also recommend FOMM, FOSE, and Archive Invalidation Invalidated since I've only tested with these.